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Canine Behavior Experts See Unprecedented Year of Business Growth


Elliot Rosenberg, Certified Master Dog Trainer, Behaviorist and Founder of K9 Mania Dog Training

K9 Mania Dog Training continues to expand its commercial presence.

We are currently helping owners learn to communicate with their dog and develop positive bonds with the highest quality service.

– Elliot Rosenberg, founder

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, United States, August 5, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ – K9 Mania Dog Training – the professional dog training and behavior group serving the Nassau County, Queens, Suffolk, Manhattan and Brooklyn areas – continues to see its record of confidence in transforming dog training. the lives of dogs and their owners translate into real results, bringing positive progress for the company. The company has served over 1,000 customers since its founding and has received dozens of complimentary reviews via Facebook and Google. These are a testament to the quality of the team behind K9 Mania Dog Training and their commitment to providing exceptional and balanced dog advice.

“During the hardships we’ve all experienced over the past year, more and more people have started to feel the joys that come with owning a dog, but after adopting their new friend forever, some are finding out. quickly that their dog doesn’t come with an instruction manual, ”said Elliot Rosenberg, master dog trainer and certified behaviorist and founder of K9 Mania Dog Training. “We don’t just teach dogs to sit. We are currently helping owners learn to communicate with their dog and develop positive bonds with the highest quality service.

The over a dozen professional trainers behind K9 Mania Dog Training take a holistic, holistic approach to their dog training and behavior modification methods. These trained specialists recognize that every dog ​​is unique and can easily adapt their proven techniques to develop a tailored approach that meets the needs of each dog. Through clear and consistent communication with dog and owner, trainers achieve results that lead to a better dog experience, regardless of breed or behavior. This approach not only keeps dog owners happy and produces lasting results, it is also a factor in the continued expansion of the business.

From correcting small driving problems to solving larger challenges, the upward development of K9 Mania Dog Training is linked to the skillful application of behavioral experience in all areas of dog handling. The company stands out from the crowd of commercial competitors by going above and beyond. Staff members not only provide quality obedience training and help dog lovers master the basics of commands, but customers also have additional choices that allow for more focused approaches. Behaviorists can develop positive actions for dogs through advanced training and off-leash services. They can also use their talents to combat the most unwanted patterns dogs can show, quickly and effectively restoring balance in the relationship between owner and dog.

More and more New Yorkers rely on the knowledgeable services provided by K9 Mania Dog Training. Customers appreciate the unmatched flexibility offered by the company when it comes to booking courses. A qualified trainer may visit a client’s home following a telephone consultation, providing an on-site behavioral assessment in the normal course of the dog. Additionally, owners can choose to board and train their dogs with a professional trainer, offering their dogs the chance to learn rules, structure and obedience under the trainer’s ongoing supervision and direction.

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About the Company: Serving Nassau County, Queens, Suffolk, Manhattan and Brooklyn, K9 Mania Dog Training provides high quality dog ​​training and behavior services to meet the needs of any breed, dog and dog. of any problem. To learn more about the company, visit http://k9maniadogtraining.com.

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