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“creditend” is Germany’s first marketplace for loans on the Internet. It was founded in 2006 by “Team Europe” – a group of companies that builds Internet companies with founders and money experts. Individuals can borrow and receive money on “creditend”. The GmbH is based in Berlin and works with the “Bank for Investments and Securities”.

Loans from private or other loan providers (creditend loan calculator)

Loans from private or other loan providers (creditend loan calculator)

How does creditend work?

When you make an online inquiry to the creditend loan calculator, several loan offers from leading credit providers are compared. The creditend loan calculator finds the cheapest loan for you. The credit inquiry is free and non-binding. The credit inquiry does not affect credit bureau’s valuation.

If you select item 1 ” credit private” in the loan calculator, you will be taken to the credit marketplace where private borrowers and private lenders are brought together.

Not the platform, but the investor decides on the loan from private to private whether the loan is still granted. “creditend” works with the principle of “peer-to-peer credit”. Borrowers can submit their concerns here, private investors can decide whether to invest in them.

creditend is one of the reputable providers in this offer industry and has a reputation for being a fast and reliable credit marketplace. The lender is thoroughly screened to ensure that they have the ability to repay debt.

Only then can the money flow “from private to private”, with the “Bank for Investments and Securities” being used for financial processing.

Seriousness, security and flexible conditions – depending on the agreement

Seriousness, security and flexible conditions - depending on the agreement

The marketplace principle not only has the advantage that people who otherwise only receive rejection also get a loan here, the modalities are also free. “creditend” only defines the framework:

  • Loan amount between 5.00 and 120,000 USD
  • Term between twelve and 120 months
  • no processing fee
  • NO negative credit bureau entry

Registration on the creditend platform is free of charge. Only when a deal is concluded does the platform ask for the checkout: 2.5 to 3 percent of the loan amount from the borrower and for the investor 1.35 percent of the loan amount and a monthly service fee of $ 0.50.

In most cases, early repayment can be arranged free of charge, residual credit insurance is also offered on request. According to an ARD report in January 2010, 4.5 million USD have already been successfully granted as a loan via the “creditend” marketplace. If investors and those willing to borrow have questions, you can call on a free telephone hotline.

As a security, the platform offers an automatic dunning process in the event of non-payment; after six weeks, a collection agency is activated.
With these conditions, creditend is a serious alternative for creditors who, for various reasons, have no chance of getting a loan from other providers. You can use the loan freely, e.g. B. for travel finance.