The Blue Book of MN Credit: Rates and Conditions

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The Bleu booklet (or special account) is a booklet regulated by the State, distributed exclusively by the MN Credit funds . In effect since 1975, this sight savings account has characteristics identical to the A booklet offered by the entire banking network.


Who can open a blue booklet?


This savings account may be open to any person domiciled in France, including minor children , up to one transaction per holder. Non-profit organizations can also open a blue booklet.


Monetization of the booklets

Since 1979, it has been forbidden to accumulate an A booklet and a blue booklet. However, the latter can be combined with all other regulated or free bank books. Be aware that since 2013, the checks made with the tax authorities are systematic.




The savings account offered by MN Credit is very simple to operate, deposits are made without constraints at the choice of the holder (cash, transfer, check …) and withdrawals are free at any time, without any fees. The minimum payment is 15 €. The ceiling is set at € 22,950 for individuals.


Subscription formalities

The subscription of the Blue booklet is relatively simple. Just visit a MN Credit agency with:

  • Proof of address
  • An ID card valid


Calculation of interest and rate 2015

Tax system

Like all the regulated booklets, the Bleu booklet works every fortnight :

  • 1st fortnight: from 1st of the month to 15th inclusive
  • 2nd half: from 16 to 30 to 31 inclusive

It is therefore advisable to consider deadlines for making a deposit or withdrawal. Interest is recorded on the account as at December 31 of each year . They are therefore available and can be removed.

The rate is set at 1.25% for 2015.


Tax system

The Blue booklet, like all regulated booklets, is exempt from taxes and social security contributions.

The non-profit associations, law 1901 can open a “booklet Blue Associations” at the same rate and under the same conditions as individuals within the limit of one account per association, apart from the deposit ceiling which is fixed at 76 500 €.


Case booklets opened before 1 September 1979.


The official journal of 5 February 2009 provides a response from the Ministry of Economy, Industry, and Employment regarding cumulation. It recalls that, in accordance with the Law of Modernization of the Economy of 2008, it was forbidden to hold more than one A booklet or blue booklet (since 1 September 1979 – Decree No. 79-730 of 30 August 1979), unless the booklets were opened before 1 September 1979.