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10 dog grooming failures and how to avoid them


We spend a ton of money and time avoiding them ourselves, but bad hairstyle days aren’t a man-specific phenomenon. These 10 dogs certainly know the meaning of ‘bad coat day’ and we’ve got some expert advice on how to make a dog’s grooming smoother.

1. The dirty dog

Photograph by Willeecole / Thinkstock.

He never encountered a mud puddle he didn’t like, and he never encountered a shampoo that could overcome his “do” in one fell swoop. This dog inspired the phrase “lather, rinse, repeat”. And repeat… and repeat.

2. Tangled dog hair

Tangled isn’t just a Disney movie for this dog, it’s a way of life. If your pal’s fur is clumping faster than a litter of sleeping puppies, preventing bad hair means brushing until you’re the one in need of a nap.

3. The breathtaking view

Some people say dogs can see ghosts while humans can’t. This is just the only explanation for this look as we know this puppy didn’t put a fork in the electrical outlet.

4. Something stuck to his fur

Whether it was gum, glue or maple syrup he stole during brunch, this dog’s bad hair day started when he fell into something he shouldn’t. – and he became the prime suspect in this crime against his coat.

5. The bald dog

A bald dog.
A bald dog. Photography by Globalp / Thinkstock.

This dog’s genetic code was hacked on the wrong day, but don’t be jealous. What breeds without a coat save in grooming costs, they end up spending on sweaters.

6. The frizzy Bichon

A very curly Bichon Frize.
A very curly Bichon Frize. Photograph by MarijaRadovic / Thinkstock.

When this cutie’s curls are rolled up a little too tight, it gets more frizzy than floof. Fortunately, this is not a permanent puppy perm.

7. Bad Rashes on Dogs

Hairdryers don’t just come in the form of guns, they are guns in the fight against bad hair days. Sadly, not everyone knows when to put theirs away – just ask this overly-styled, overly fluffy puppy.

8. A dog with a double coat

The double-layered dog’s tail sometimes looks like a feather duster, but it deposits more debris than it picks up. You know it’s a bad day for the hair when the hair itself gives up ship.

9. A dog with mats

A dog with a ribbon in his hair.
A dog with a ribbon in his hair. Photograph by Uroshpetrovic / Thinkstock.

They are called “pigtails”, not “dog tails”, and this puppy would rather walk the plank than wear these bows in public.

10. The Attempt (Obviously) At Home Dog Grooming

What is uneven, unprofessional, and most likely done with kitchen scissors? The hair of that poor dog. Like the bowl cut in grade school, this bad hair day seems to happen to everyone at least once.

3 expert dog grooming tips

A dog with a wig surrounded by grooming products.
A dog surrounded by grooming products. Photograph by Damedeeso / Thinkstock.

Avoid bad dog hair days with these tips from a pro! A former groomer herself, Megan Mouser is now head of education for the animal division at Andis, a manufacturer of grooming tools.

Do not be afraid

“The more you do at home, the better the situation you create for your professional groomer. Megan said that regular brushing, combing, and haircuts can keep a mat from turning into a shave (and tears) at the groomer. “Take a brush and brush it everyday. Make it a bonding moment… you can work your way up to something like a mower.

Annual maintenance is for cars, not dogs

“Regular grooming and maintenance of their coat and skin can prevent a ton of problems down the road. They can live longer and happier lives if they are cared for on a six to eight week schedule instead of once a year.

Follow the hairs if you are grooming your dog at home

If you have enough beauty school skills to mow your dog at home, Megan said don’t do butt first. “For some reason everyone always wants to start from the tail and back, but you still have to cut them in the direction of the hair growth. This will give you a much better clip.

Thumbnail: Photography by Laures / Thinkstock.

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Heather Marcoux is a freelance writer / in-home hairstylist for GhostBuster, a Golden-Lab mix that leaves more hair on the floor every day than her terrier brother, Marshmallow, has ever grown. To follow @HeatherMarcoux on Twitter and check out @ghostpets on Instagram to see GhostBuster’s fur at its worst.

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