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18 funniest dog breeds that are natural artists



Are you looking for a furry friend who is full of fun? Well, new research has discovered the funniest dog breeds that will bring unlimited joy into your life.

The pet insurance experts at money.co.uk analyzed 419 different dogs included in the Top 10 Most Viewed “Funny Dog & Puppy” compilations on YouTube, recording how often each breed appeared. While every puppy brings a smile to their owners, research has found the Golden Retriever to be the funniest breed of all, appearing 37 times.

Not only are Golden Retrievers the second most popular breed in 2021 according to YouGov data, these affectionate puppies are still looking to have the last laugh.

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In second and third places, respectively, came the loyal Siberian Huskies (33) and the fiery French Bulldog (28). Other playful puppies that make people laugh also include Corgis, Labrador Retrievers, Magnificent German Shepherds, and Royal Corgis.

bichon frize

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“Studies have found that watching videos of our furry friends can relieve stress, due to positive social interactions, it’s no surprise that social media is inundated with them,” says money.co.uk.

    Take a look at the funniest puppies below …

    18 funniest dog breeds that will make you laugh

    1. Golden retriever
    2. Siberian husky
    3. French bulldog
    4. Chihuahua
    5. Corgi
    6. Labrador retriever
    7. Bulldog
    8. Pug
    9. German shepherd
    10. Poodle
    11. Bichon Frize
    12. American Eskimo
    13. Pomeranian
    14. Sausage dog
    15. Jack russell
    16. Staffordshire Bull Terrier
    17. Shih tzu
    18. Shiba inu

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