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23 White Dog Breeds of All Shapes and Sizes


When looking for the perfect dog to add to your family, it’s important to consider size, temperament, and maintenance. But what about color? While many dogs have fur in shades of black, gray, brown and red, there are a few that show all-white coats. While every dog ​​is wonderful no matter what hue they sport, all-white dogs are undeniably beautiful to behold.

White dog breeds can come in all shapes and sizes, from the smallest chihuahuas to the very big Great Pyrenees, which means you should have no trouble finding a white dog that matches your size preference. Another interesting thing to note about white dogs is that they don’t necessarily have albinism, which is the absence of melanin, or the pigment that gives a coat its color. Instead, white dogs have a gene that dominates all other colors, resulting in snow-white fur.

Just like other puppies, some white dog breeds may require more grooming than others. For example, a Samoyed, with its extremely hairy coat, will require regular brushing and grooming appointments. Other white dogs have smooth coats that require very little maintenance, such as the bull terrier.

No matter what type of companion you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered with this list of 22 white dog breeds.

1. Samoyed

As a medium to large dog breed Weighing between 35 and 66 pounds, the Samoyed is white from head to toe – which makes sense since they are native to snowy Siberia. Their thick, fluffy coat makes them even more lovable, and as sheepdogs they are very loyal to their people and friendly to everyone they meet.

2. Maltese

maltese on couch

If you are looking for a small dog breed to fit your family, a Maltese is an excellent choice at 6 to 8 pounds. You can choose to keep their hair long or have regular grooming to keep it short. They are known for their lively and affectionate personalities.

3. Standard Poodle

poodle on the grass white dog breeds

Obedient and extremely intelligent, the standard poodle stands tall and usually weighs between 45 and 70 pounds. With their lovely curly fur, they can be trimmed to be short haired or you can let them grow longer.

4. Bichon Frize

bichon frize dog

You can’t help but smile when you see a Bichon Frize scampering down the street. AFrom 12 to 18 pounds, these dogs are gentle and have happy dispositions.

5. Pomeranian

pomeranian on the grass

As one of the youngest dogs in the world, Pomeranians weigh only 4 to 7 pounds when fully grown. With near-permanent smiles, these adorable puppies are energetic and feisty. Although they are often known for their orange hue, they can also have white fur.

6. Great Pyrenees

white dog breeds

Thinking about getting a giant, cuddly dog ​​who is both calm and affectionate? Then look no further than the Great Pyrenees, which can weigh from 85 to 160 pounds.

7. West Highland White Terrier

mountain burrow

At a reasonably small size of 13 to 22 pounds, the West Highland White Terrier is definitely a cutie. These white dogs, affectionately nicknamed “westies”, are alert, active and friendly.

8. American Eskimo

eskimo dog

Although they are called “American Eskimo” dogs, these cute all-white puppies actually hail from Germany. Weighing between 18 and 35 pounds, these dogs are alert and affectionate, making it the perfect family pup.

9. Coton de Tulear

white dog breed race

This pup gets its fancy breed name from the French word for cotton, as their white fur looks like puffy cotton, and they were bred in the Malagasy port of Tulear. At 8 to 13 pounds, they like to use their voice and are very playful.

10. Japanese Spitz

japanese spitz

Originally from Japan, as their name suggests, japanese spitz look like 11 to 20 pound mini Samoyeds. They have cheerful and loyal personalities and are great for families.

11. Havanese

havanese puppy

Miniature from 9 to 16 pounds, the havanese is the national dog of Cuba. What these puppies lack in stature, they make up for in cheerfulness and kisses.

12. Chihuahuas

white dog breeds

The smallest dog in the world, born in Mexico chihuahua usually only weighs between 3 and 6 pounds. Although they come in several colors, one of them is white and they are known for their smooth, low-maintenance coat. (With their fiery personalities, of course!)

13. Bolognese

bolognese dog

With its fluffy coat and docile nature, the Bolognese is an Italian dog that typically weighs between 5 and 8 pounds. Don’t let their name fool you – this dog’s all-white coat looks nothing like the classic dish from Italy!

14. Bull Terrier

bull terrier

Developed in England in the 19e century, you can’t miss a bull terrier because of its distinctive egg-shaped head. Sturdy and gentle, these dogs can weigh from 49 to 84 pounds and are characterized as gentle and playful.

15. German Shepherd

German shepherd

Did you know that some german shepherds maybe white? First bred in Germany and now in the United States, they are distinguished by their unique white coat and arrive like other Shepherds between 71 and 88 pounds. As working dogs, they tend to be protective and alert, but they are also cheerful and eager to please.

16. Komondor

white dog breeds

Komondors are among the most head-turning dogs because they have very distinctive “dreadlocks” which are the result of the undercoat blending with the outer coat. Weighing 88 to 130 pounds, these large puppies are affectionate yet independent.

17. French Bulldog

french bulldog

Available in many different colors, the french bulldog, or “Frenchie”, can also have white fur. Weighing between 16 and 28 pounds, this white dog breed is the right size to play with toddlers, which they’ll probably want to do often as they’re quite lively and fun-loving.

18. Berger Blanc Suisse

swiss shepherd on the snow

Weighing in at 55 to 88 pounds, the White Swiss Shepherd, or Berger Blanc Suisse as the breed is called in Switzerland, is often called attentive, intelligent, and highly trainable by owners.

19. Afghan Hound

white dog breeds

With their dignified and elegant appearance, the afghan hound tends to be equally dignified when it comes to his personality, but can also be affectionate and loyal. They can weigh between 57 and 75 pounds.

20. Boxer

boxer on bench

Although often considered to have a brown or red coloration, boxers can also be white. Intelligent and full of energy, this breed hails from Germany and can weigh anywhere from 55 to 71 pounds.

21. Chow Chow

chow chow puppy on gray background

Chow chow can be any color of the rainbow in dog fur, from brown to black to white. They weigh between 44 and 71 pounds and are calm, independent dogs. This can be a plus if you are hoping for a low energy pup.

22. Borzoi

white dog breeds

With their unmistakable long snouts, borzois, a hunting dog from Russia, weighs between 55 and 100 pounds. They are known to be discreet and affectionate companions.

23. Dogo Argentino

dogo argentino is sitting in the grass

Dogo Argentinos are sporting dogs originally bred for hunting cougars, wild boar, and other large game. They are muscular and very powerful, weighing between 77 and 99 pounds. They have a short white coat, which only requires weekly brushing and bathing when dirty.

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