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25 of the most decorated dog breeds



Over the past 100 years, dog owners around the world have loved showing their pets off at dog shows.

Crufts, the UK’s largest dog show, was established in 1891 by showman Charles Crufts and has grown into one of the most important dog events in the world.

From tiny dachshunds to giant Irish Wolfhounds, all kinds of dogs take part in the competition every year. Over the course of the many shows, however, it has become clear that some breeds earn more than others.

Here are some of the top breeds to win the Best in Show award, starting in 2020.

Cocker spaniel

The English Cocker Spaniel has won the Best in Show award at Crufts more than any other breed, winning an astonishing seven times. These dogs belong to the sporting group and, according to the American Kennel Club, are energetic and bred to follow the instructions of their owners.

A woman grooms her cocker spaniel on the first day of the Crufts dog show in 2019. English cockers are highly decorated at shows.
OLI SCARFF / AFP via Getty Images

Irish setter

The Irish Setters have won the Best in Show award four times in modern Crufts history. These dogs are happy, affectionate, and eager to please, which makes them a strong breed in competitions. The AKC states that these dogs like to have tasks to do.

irish setter
An Irish setter at the Crufts Dog Show in 2016. Irish setters are an energetic and loyal breed.
Ben Prunchie / Getty

Standard poodle

Poodles often stand out at dog shows with their elaborate hairstyles, but these dogs are also extremely intelligent and energetic. These dogs are easy to train and enjoy competing in agility events.

Standard poodle
A Standard Poodle participates in the 141st Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. Standard poodles are popular show dogs
Drew Angerer / Getty Images

Welsh terrier

The Welsh Terrier was a latecomer in the UK ring, but that didn’t stop the breed from winning Best in Show four times. These dogs are friendly, outgoing, and enjoy exercise.

Welsh terrier
A Welsh Terrier at a dog show. Welsh Terriers are active and love to play
Drew Angerer / Getty Images

English setter

English Setters are sensible, friendly and loyal companions. The breed has won the Best in Show award three times, but according to the AKC, these dogs are sensitive and respond best to positive reinforcement during training.

English setter
English Setters are playful and intelligent
Drew Angerer / Getty Images

German shepherd

German Shepherds are known for their work in the police and military, but they are also a strong breed in competitions. These dogs are confident and quickly learn commands.

German shepherd
German Shepherds are popular working dogs and help in the military
Brent N. Clarke / FilmMagic

Doggy style

Belonging to the group of dogs, greyhounds are known to reach top speeds when running. These dogs have won the Best in Show three times and love to do chores with their owners.

Greyhounds are known for racing, but they also do well in competitions
Ezra Shaw / Getty Images

Labrador retriever

Labradors are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world and are known for their friendly demeanor. This cheerful and energetic breed has won the Best in Show award three times.

Labrador retriever UK 2018 dog show
A Labrador at the Crufts dog show in 2018
Getty Images

West Highland White Terrier

Terriers may be known for their tendency to be stubborn, but the breed has won the Best in Show award three times. In 2016, a Westie called Devon, described by her owner as very independent and tomboy, took home the top prize.

Marie Burns exhibits Devon the West Highland White Terrier at the Crufts dog show in 2016
LEON NEAL / AFP via Getty Images


Like greyhounds, Whippets are known for their high speed, but they are also a strong breed in dog competitions and love activities and agility games.

The Whippets take part in the Westminster Kennel Club’s 142nd Dog Show 2018 in New York City. Whippets don’t need a lot of grooming other than a weekly brush
drew anger

Wired fox terrier

Wire Fox Terriers are intelligent, agile, and responsive, making them a good choice at dog shows. The American Kennel Club describes the breed as a “show dog handler” and these dogs have won the Best in Show award three times at Crufts. The Wire Fox Terriers also had 34 wins at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.

Wire Tox Terrier
Wire Fox Terrier gets nose dusted in dog show grooming area
Stephanie Keith / Getty Images

Afghan hound

Afghan Hounds have long, silky hair and are popular at dog shows because of their elegance and style. However, these dogs can be difficult to train due to their independence.

An Afghan Hound yawns as he sits backstage at a dog show. These dogs have long, silky hair
Drew Angerer / Getty Images

Airedale Terrier

Airedales are intelligent, eager to please, and the fact that they bond closely with family members can make training easy. The breed has won the Best in Show award at Crufts twice.

Airedale Terrier
An owner grooms his Airedale Terrier on the first day of the Crufts dog show in 2013. The breed comes from Yorkshire.
BEN STANSALL / AFP via Getty Images

Flat Coated Retriever

Flat-Coats are very smart, responsive, and eager to please. Vbos the Kentuckian, also known as Jet, was a Jim Irvine-bred flat-haired show dog who won the Best in Show award at Crufts in 2011.

Flat Coated Retriever
Jet, a flat-coated retriever, received the Best in Show award in 2011
PAUL ELLIS / AFP via Getty Images

Kerry Blue Terrier

A Kerry Blue won Crufts in 2000, but these dogs are quite unusual and rare. Puppies are born black, but the blue gradually appears as the puppy grows, usually until they are two years old.

Kerry Blue Terrier
A Kerry Blue Terriers are known for their breathtaking dark blue-gray coats
Dan Kitwood / Getty Images

Lake burrow

Lakelands are large dogs in small bodies and look like a smaller version of an Airedale. These dogs come from the Lake District in England and are loyal and loving pets.

Lake burrow
A Lakeland Terrier at the 140th Annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show
Matthew Eisman / Getty

Lhasa Apso

Zentarr Elizabeth, also known as Elizabeth, was a Lhasa Apso show dog bred and handled by Margaret Anderson who won the Best in Show award at Crufts in 2012. Originating in Tibet, these dogs were traditionally used as indoor guard dogs.

Lhasa Apso
Long-haired Lhasa Apsos are originally from Tibet and are popular because of their appearance.
Drew Angerer / Getty Images


Pointers are great pets, but they excel in so many areas, from the pitch to the ringside. These all-rounders are good at agility, easy to train, and fairly obedient.

Pointing dogs
Kanix Chilli the Pointing Dog at the Cruft Dog Show at the NEC Arena in 2018. The breed is used to find game while hunting
Léon Neal / Getty Images

Scottish terrier

The Scottie dog is so iconic it’s featured on the Monopoly board, but these little terriers do well in competition as well. The Scottish Terriers won the Best in Show award at Crufts and also performed well in the Terrier group competitions.

Scottish Terrier NYC dog show 2010
A Scottish Terrier seen at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in 2010.
Chris Hondros / Getty Images

Toy poodle

Toy poodles are smart, easy to train, and playful too, making them popular at dog shows. These dogs have a similar temperament to their larger cousins, the Standard Poodle.

Toy poodle
The head of a toy poodle is held during the World Team Dog Grooming Championships in Barcelona, ​​Spain
David Ramos / Getty Images

American cocker spaniel

American Cocker Spaniels require a lot of grooming if they have a long, silky coat. Cockers are best trained with food, which they cannot resist.

American cocker spaniel
American Cocker Spaniel wins Best In Show award at Crufts Dog Show in 2017
Matt Cardy / Getty Images

Australian shepherd

Australians are popular among cowboys, but their good looks and eager to please personalities make them good show dogs as well. An Australian Shepherd dog was named Best in Show at the 115th Crufts Dog Show in 2006.

Australian shepherd
Chance an Australian Shepherd poses next to the trophy with her handler Larry Fenner after winning the ‘Best in Show’ at the 103rd Crufts Dog Show
Christopher Furlong / Getty Images


The Basenji are native to Central Africa and were used to hunt and control rodent populations. Exceptionally, these dogs are quiet as they tend not to bark. A Basenji dog won the Best of Show title at Crufts 2001.

Basenji dogs are known as a “barkless” breed.
Kimihiro Hoshino / AFP

Bearded collie

The Bearded Collie dog breed was developed in Scotland to keep sheep and cattle. Although they are generally scruffy and Highland-adapted, these dogs can perform well in competition due to their obedience and agility.

Bearded collie Crufts dog show UK 2015
A bearded collie dog seen at the Crufts dog show in 2015. These sheepdogs are extremely obedient
Oli Scarff / AFP via Getty Images


In recent years, the judges at Crufts have taken the position of not rewarding breeds that generally have a higher number of health issues, including flat-faced breeds such as Bulldogs. However, these dogs are not only popular pets – their strong appearance also makes them popular in competitions.

A British Bulldog is pictured in his kennel at the Crufts Dog Show in 2009. Evidence suggests Bulldogs were created in 13th century England, according to AKC
IAN KINGTON / AFP via Getty Images



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