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5 Best Dog Grooms in Portland, OR



Below is a list of the best and top dog grooming services in Portland. To help you find the best dog grooming location near you in Portland, we’ve put together our own list based on this list of evaluation points.

Portland’s Best Dog Grooming:

The top rated dog grooms in Portland, OR are:

  • Grooming for dogs and cats Heather’s Finestprovide all the services customers could want for their pets at a very reasonable price
  • Pupdo have 20 years of professional experience in handling animals
  • Grooming a Go Go offers the greatest groovy grooming encounters that are specialized, individualized and fair
  • Clean dog offers a full-service, self-service dog grooming facility
  • Coats & Tails multi-service pet grooming

Grooming for dogs and cats Heather’s FinestDog Grooming in Portland

Grooming for dogs and cats Heather’s Finest is a full service pet grooming service. They can provide all the services that the customers could want for their pets at a very reasonable price. In addition, they offer several luxury services or special shampoos that they can include for pets that need special care. For 17 years, Heather has always been very attentive, responsible and committed to her job as a groomer. She is very sensitive to safety, body language and pet behavior at most times.

She started her grooming profession in Hawaii, supporting her uncle by grooming and showing Persian cats. Then she became enthralled with dog grooming in 2001. After moving to Portland, Oregon, she began grooming at The Pet Boutique, where she learned the mostly hand-shearing method of poodles. and bichons. Finally, she has become a very expert groomer and is able to groom entire breeds of both dogs and cats, and is able to perform specialty cuts and standard breeds.


Full Service Pet Grooming, Luxury Services


Address: 1411 SW 14th Ave, Portland, OR 97201
Telephone: (503) 914-5353
Website: www.heathersfinest.com


Heather is fantastic. We brought our 6 month old puppy and she did an amazing job. Not only is Heather a great groomer, but I can tell right away that she really cares about every animal she works with and goes out of her way to make sure they have a great experience as well! I was nervous considering this was our puppy’s first grooming, but didn’t need to be. I will definitely be back soon.“- Chris C.

PupdoBest dog grooming in Portland

Pupdo specializes in top quality grooming for dogs and cats. All grooms are performed in a low stress and loving environment. Most animals are groomed in 2 hours or less. But, if customers want, they can drop off before work and pick up at the end of the day. They have 20 years of professional animal handling experience as owner and primary groomer, including 14 years in grooming.

She is knowledgeable about playing with geriatric, tough and control-sensitive pets. They are open by appointment every day except Thursday and early appointments are available on request.


High quality grooming


Address: 12226 SE Raymond St, Portland, OR 97236
Telephone: (503) 252-3958
Website: www.pupdos.com


“I took our Brittney for the first time. We came back to get it, it was clean, well cut and quiet. Tells me that she was treated well. That’s what I wanted. I will be back. “- Terri F.

Grooming a Go GoPortland dog grooming

Grooming a Go Go offers the best groovy grooming encounters that are specialized, individualized, and right on the client’s sidewalk. Owned and operated by Kelly Rice, driven by an endless love of animals and her own positive encounters with mobile grooming, Kelly chose to start grooming a GoGo. They offer curbside grooming throughout the Portland area.

They will personally visit the client’s home, perform their pet’s grooming in their modernized grooming van with their own electricity and water, and then take Spike or Fluffy to the client’s front door, cared for, trimmed and happy. They use the best all-natural products to safely and gently groom their pets.


Complete grooming, bathing and storage services, additional


Telephone: (503) 597-9934
Website: www.groomingagogo.com


“My dad’s Australian loves his bathing and grooming sessions with Kelly. Kelly does a fantastic job and we highly recommend her. ” – Heidi P.

Clean dogGood dog grooming in Portland

Clean dog offers a full-service, self-service dog grooming service. They make life easier for customers and their pets. Their shop is designed to give them and their four-legged friend the best grooming experience possible. Their prices are set to encourage regular grooming. Their number one priority is the health and safety of the customer’s pet. They use quality products and spend the necessary time with each animal to ensure they have a safe and enjoyable spa day.


Full Service Dog Grooming, Self Service Dog Grooming


Address: 0120 SW Hall Blvd, Portland, OR 97223
Telephone: (503) 291-1818
Website: www.dgcgrooming.com


“I found this place through google, and I am very glad I did. Everyone is very friendly and helpful. What can seem like chaos with all the newspaper clippings at the same time are actually people who care for our pets like they own and love them. I really appreciate their care with our dogs Ollie and Goose. I’m only sorry I didn’t post this sooner. Hats off at Dog Gone Clean.”- Kimberlee T.

Coats & TailsOne of the best dog grooming in Portland

Coats & Tails is a multi-service pet grooming service. With many years of career experience, Erin Fogg started Coats & Tails, LLC in 2011. Having three groomers and a 24 hour front desk, Coats & Tails boasts of performing and performing grooming in a one-stop shop. vast clientele. in the Portland section. They groom all dogs, big and small. The client’s dog is specially designed to meet their needs, so the groomers are active throughout the schedule. All of their groomers are certified by the National Dog Groomers Association of America. They are part of the International Society of Canine Cosmetologists.


Nail Clippers, Oral Hygiene Treatment, Full Service Dog


Address: 2319 NW Westover Rd, Portland, OR 97210,
Telephone: (503) 295-7979
Website: www.coats-n-tails.com


“Every groomer at Coats and Tails is talented, knowledgeable and meticulous. We have a passer that we have to keep in an “show coat” and there aren’t many people up to it, every time. We are very grateful to the C&T team.“-Taylor D.



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