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6 Dog Breeds That Love Fall Walks


While all dogs enjoy stretching their legs outdoors, some breeds enjoy fall walks and playing in colorful leaves more than others.

“Summer is slowly drawing to a close, temperatures are dropping and leaves are beginning to cover the paths. Long autumnal walks through forests and verdant parks can be enjoyed in company, and better yet, with a four-legged companion” , said a spokesperson for the Dog club recount country life.

“These six purebred dog breeds not only enjoy a long walk, but also have easy-to-groom coats, which means windy, muddy or rainy fall walks aren’t too much of a hassle for grooming. Of course, all Dogs are individual, so their character and preferences depend on their training, socialization, and individual personality.”

Take a look at the races below:


photoGartnerGetty Images

“Beagles were originally bred as pack dogs and were Queen Elizabeth’s favourite. They can be avid exercisers and although they can be loud at times, Beagles enjoy spending time in the great outdoors. air and have easy-to-brush short coats,” the team says.

2. german shorthaired pointer

german shorthaired pointer

Westend61Getty Images

“Although a hunting breed, the German Shorthaired Pointer is an excellent family dog, due to its good nature and love for human interaction. They are energetic dogs and love walks to meet new friends (humans and dogs!) and explore territories, no matter the weather.”

3. smooth collie

smooth collie puppy

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“The Smooth Collie is energetic and intelligent. Beneath their short coat, they look a lot like their better known and hairier cousin, the Rough Collie, but share their temperament and behavioral traits. Originally bred as herding dogs, they enjoy outdoor exercise very much and make ideal companions for long walks or even running in any season,” the team adds.

4. Weimaraner


Greg BenzGetty Images

Recognizable by its shiny silver-gray coat, the Weimaraner is an intelligent, friendly and agile dog that needs more than two hours of exercise a day and enjoys the outdoors, including long walks in green spaces or the paths. Their short and smooth coat does not need combing after a seasonal stroll!”

5. Dobermann

three doberman pincher relax in the park

sssss1gmelGetty Images

“Dobermans are very intelligent and loyal dogs, known to be gentle and patient with children. They need lots of exercise to release their energy and require more than two hours a day, with room to run” , explains the team.

6. english setter

cute english setter baby girl

momcilogGetty Images

“English Setters, currently on the list of vulnerable native breeds, are active dogs that enjoy walking, running and other forms of exercise in outdoor areas. Despite their beautiful, rich coats, they are easy to groom and may require just a short touch- back home!”

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