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7 Best Dog Grooming Blogs – Top Dog Tips


Everyone is looking to save some money when they can, and grooming your pet at home is a great way to cut a few hundred dollars off your budget each year. It’s a little intimidating at first, especially if your pet is anxious about grooming, but the best dog grooming blogs are here to help. You can find information, photos and videos on these blogs that will help you groom your pet safely and effectively.

Of course, some dogs are easier to groom than others. Short fur is much easier to style than long fur. Dogs with skin and coat problems can be more difficult to groom than other pets. Don’t just go blindly to groom your dog. There are hundreds of top quality resources available to help you learn the right techniques.

If in doubt, it is best to take your dog to a professional groomer. You might not even need to bring him in. If you have a specific question, call your local groomer and see if they can help you. It’s best to take your dog to a professional groomer the first time around and discuss your dog’s individual needs before trying to groom him on your own.

Remember that not all online resources are reliable. Be sure to check the credibility of the author of the information you are reading. Is the author a professional groomer? Are they certified? What is their level of experience? The best dog grooming blogs are written by trained professionals.

7 best dog grooming blogs

best dog grooming blogs

1. Memories of a Pet Groomer

This blog is written by a groomer who has been in the business for over 20 years. Not only is this blog full of interesting information, it is also very entertaining. From disagreements with customers to owners who think their pet is terrified of latex, this is one of the best dog grooming blogs because of its informative content and ability to make you laugh!

  • This gem came from one of the holy receptionists: someone called, didn’t give their name or the dog’s name, just said “my dog ​​needs to come in to be detailed” Uh .. say what ? See, I work at a vet clinic, so she immediately thought the owner wanted the dog’s tail removed (De-Tailed). She asked the person to repeat what was needed for the dog. “I need him DETAILED”. O. K… She then changed gears and asked for the name, which didn’t ring a bell. Once more, she asked. The answer was “You know, the nail clipping, the bathtub, all the details.” OHHHHH. Do you want your dog to be groomed? “Yeah .. ha ha ha ..”

2. Groom yourself smarter

Written by an experienced groomer and author Debi Hilley, this is one of the best dog grooming blogs on the internet. You will find amazing articles on everything from disentangling to flea infestations. The posts also include informative videos and photos, making it much easier to understand the techniques she talks about.

  • I decided that a blog post on Flea Containment in the Store was a great idea and it was the perfect fit for this topic. If you know me or have read my blog you will know that I have ANTI PESTICIDES in the shop. Yesterday? I made a few exceptions. I will explain further down in the blog what I used and why I chose what I did.

3. BBird’s groom’s blog

It has an interesting name, but this blog is not about grooming birds. It covers everything you need to know about dog grooming and more. This blog answered questions I was having and questions I didn’t even know I wanted answered. You can learn more about eye irritation caused by pet shampoos and how much oatmeal is in your oatmeal dog shampoo.

There are breed specific messages as well as numerous photos. I really enjoy following this blog, and it is very user-friendly. One thing I can’t stand is an unorganized blog, but this one lets you switch between different formats to choose the one you like best. Personally, I prefer the flipcard format.

  • Do oatmeal animal shampoos provide the same relief to our pets? Some groomers have recently questioned the effectiveness of commercial oatmeal shampoos for pets. One way to look at this is to determine the amount of oatmeal actually delivered in our grooming products.

4. From groomer to groomer

Another of the best dog grooming blogs, From groomer to groomer, is a very comprehensive site with lots of breed specific information. Chances are, if you have any questions about grooming your dog’s breed, you’ll find the answer here.

You will also be able to read information on grooming techniques from some professionals in the industry. You can learn about everyday tasks such as brushing and shearing, and you will also find information on dyeing your pet’s fur and shaving patterns in their coat. While most of us don’t need any information on extreme grooming, the rest of the blog posts are great resources!

  • Good mower technique is taken for granted. Even advanced groomers have learned bad habits that cost them time and therefore money. There are many ways to use a mower. My suggestions in this column will be about keeping the blade on the skin and applying your strokes in the direction of the coat.

5. Brookline dog grooming

If you have more than one animal, this blog is for you. Brookline Dog Grooming made my list of the best dog grooming blogs for its excellent dog grooming resources (of course), and also for all the wonderful information it has on other pets. You can find information on how to keep your aquarium clean and how to care for your cat or other small pet.

There are some great articles on grooming on this blog, but you will also find answers to other important questions such as how to help your dog cope with visitors to your home and what winter clothes your dog can wear. need. This blog is also not focused on your dog’s skin and coat needs, which you will find in many other similar bogs. the Brookline Dog Grooming blog covers dental care, flea and tick prevention, and other grooming tasks.

  • Dr. Aspros acknowledges that only 1% of pet owners brush their pet’s teeth. Not only do more owners need to start brushing their teeth, they also need to use chew toys, treats, and raw hides to help keep their pet’s teeth clean. Your veterinarian can recommend many products available to help maintain your pet’s oral health between exams.

6. Insightful pet grooming

If you’re looking for expert advice, this is a great blog to start with. With articles written by certified groomers, you’ll find plenty of useful information on this blog, including tips for home grooming and when it’s time to seek professional advice.

I really enjoyed this article on shaving dogs during the summer months. Many dog ​​owners don’t realize that shaving isn’t the best option for every dog ​​- it depends on your pet’s coat type. It’s easy to think that shaving your dog would help cool him off, but it could actually damage his coat and cause problems for your Fido in the future.

  • Single-layered breeds can be cut down to the skin and the coat will grow back pretty much as before. The same is not the case for double-layered breeds. For this reason, shaving these dogs is not a solution to the summer heat. Think of a healthy double layer as an old growth forest. There is a balance with different parts providing different benefits. If you clearcut an old growth forest, there will be immediate regrowth of many saplings very soon.

7. The good, the bad and the hairy

As suggested by a large community of aspiring and active groomers on Pet Groomer Forums, this dog grooming blog seems to be very popular among newbies. Although it hasn’t been updated since 2015, The Good, The Bad & The Furry contains a great deal of information: from the basics to the most complex techniques of grooming show dogs.

If you are new to pet grooming yourself, the site has answers to most of the questions asked by a professional groomer. The content is very enjoyable to read thanks to the author’s friendly, conversational voice, with a ton of photos and humor sprinkled over it. Dog owners who aren’t sure where to start should do themselves a favor and browse through all the articles on the site, starting with the first ones published in 2010. All of this is worth reading, including stories from authors like this one:

  • Yesterday, I received a new client with her Schnauzer. The first red flag for me wasn’t when the dog growled at me when I first approached him. Some of the cutest dogs growl when you approach them with their owner. The red flag was that the owner very quickly stopped filling out her new customer form and put her hand between me and the dog telling him to be nice. I could feel the worry and tension of the owners. The owner watched very closely as I greeted the dog and went to pick him up. I’ve seen owners do this when they expect the dog to bite me … [read the rest on the blog]

Update: This article was updated on June 15, 2016 to add a 7th dog grooming blog to the list.