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7 dog breeds threatened with extinction in 2021



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The Old English Sheepdog is one of seven dog breeds currently threatened with extinction, with the famous breed’s record number dropping to its lowest in 60 years.

One of Britain’s most recognizable breeds, the iconic dog “Dulux” was first classified as vulnerable by the Kennel Club, having received just 227 puppy registrations in 2020. Despite the explosion of the puppy count last year, this is the lowest recorded number of annual puppy records for the breed since 1961.

“The Old English Sheepdog is such a historic and iconic breed, but they are rarely seen in recent years, so the fact that they are now officially a vulnerable breed is very concerning,” Bill Lambert, Kennel Club spokesperson, mentioned. .

“It is likely that the number has declined over the years due to lifestyle changes as they require a lot of grooming and exercise and are not suitable for smaller living spaces. However, they are a breed. loyal and trustworthy with a same disposition that can make lovable pets for good owners. “

Elsewhere in their research, the Dog Welfare Charity found that native breeds also hit all-time highs in 2020, including the Greyhound, Skye Terrier, Bloodhound and English setter. Unfortunately both Norfolk Terrier and Cairn Terrier, were added to the Watch List for the first time.

Cairn terrier dog standing on the lawn
The Cairn Terrier is also in danger

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Among the good news, rising breeds include the Whippet, Cocker Spaniel, Bull Terrier, Weimaraner, German Wirehaired Pointer, and German Shorthaired Pointer, which entered the top 20 overall breeds. According to the charity, these larger breeds are believed to have gained popularity due to the greater number of Britons trading city life for country life.

“The nation has gone through a huge shift in collective lifestyle over the past year, and of course many have either become first-time dog owners or are currently looking to purchase one soon,” adds Bill.

english setters
English setters

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“With some people now deciding to leave our towns for more rural areas, there is still hope for some of our larger and more vulnerable races. We have such a rich diversity of races in the UK , all with their own unique characteristics, so we urge the UK public to learn more about lesser-known breeds, especially those at risk of extinction, in order to get a dog that is truly right for them. ”

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