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9 of the Best Dog Breeds Perfect for Cold New York Winters


If you’re a New Yorker looking to be a pet parent soon, you might want to look into one of these breeds. These dogs are perfect for the long, freezing New York winters. Each of them is bred for cold climates.

There are definitely some things you will need to keep in mind, especially dog ​​hair. Most of these dogs have thick coats, which makes them perfect for freezing temperatures and snow. But on the other hand, their coats are very likely to fall in your house or apartment. You will need to invest in a good brushing and grooming routine, as well as a high quality vacuum cleaner.

Even though these breeds can tolerate and even enjoy the cold, that doesn’t mean they are immune to low temperatures. According to LoveYourDog.com,

Many dog ​​breeds are more acclimated to living in cold weather due to their thicker coats. This does not mean that they are invincible in the cold. Any dog ​​that is left outside for long periods of time can pose several health risks, especially if exposed to their paw pads and other sensitive areas of their skin.

Also keep in mind that although we experience long, cold, snowy winters here in New York, our summers can get quite hot. You will need to adapt to these breeds when the weather warms up, especially since they have thick coats. The Humane Society of the United States offers some advice to keep your dog safe during the summer months,

– Practice basic summer safety
– Watch the humidity
– Limit exercise on hot days
– Don’t rely on a fan
– Provide enough shade and water
– Cool your pet inside and out
– Watch for signs of heatstroke
– Prepare for power outages

9 of the Best Dog Breeds Perfect for Cold New York Winters

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