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An enlightening season of events to delight the senses – Cowabunga Bay to turn into a magical wonderland for the Lantern Festival



Come and immerse yourself in the beauty and radiance of

Handcrafted Chinese lanterns that light up the nights during the Cowabunga Bay Lantern Festival in Henderson. Discover a magical wonderland featuring the incredible imaginations of skilled craftsmen who will bring exquisite designs to life from November 5 and on select dates through February 2022.

The Lantern Festivals, which date back over 2,000 years, feature beautiful handcrafted lanterns displaying the creativity and amazing technical prowess of skilled artists. A team of 25 artisans will begin to sculpt, assemble and illuminate these works of art in early September on site in Cowabunga Bay.

Craftsmen will create larger-than-life illuminated masterpieces from thousands of feet of silk fabric. A 26-foot-tall colorful dancing lion will greet guests as they enter the park and entice them to stroll through a spectacular lantern gallery before arriving at the foot of the Asian Tower, a dazzling two-story magnum opus.

A dreamy peacock with bursts of exotic color will delight all ages, as well as playful pandas frolic in a playground, a colorful underwater world with fantastic marine life and divers, acrobatic dolphins, a jungle lush with giant ladybugs, trees and flowers, and the iconic monuments of the world presented through 65 feet of glistening silk and twinkling lights.

Three unique celebrations during the Lantern Festival will bring new tastes, sights, entertainment and adventures to the one-of-a-kind holiday festival.

Throughout November, celebrate the fall harvest with special fall decor, a petting zoo, hay maze, and farmers market. Giant pumpkin lanterns will light up the night to the delight of children of all ages. An extraordinary fall harvest menu with seasonal specials such as grilled corn on the cob and roasted turkey thighs, homemade tomato and basil soup with specialty grilled cheese and cranberry turkey sliders on a small sweet Hawaiian bread. Unwind with a tangy Thanksgiving margarita and savor a funnel cake drizzled with spicy pumpkin maple syrup.

In December, experience a spectacular holiday with all the festive accompaniments. Absorb the cheerful sounds of the merry singers, then take an unforgettable photo with Santa Claus. Vibrant views bring the magic of Christmas lanterns to life with Santa, Candyland and a spectacular 20ft tall Christmas tree, the ultimate backdrop for picturesque family photos. The holiday menu will feature unique delicacies such as chili on a cornbread waffle, delicious Monte Christo sandwiches, French bread pizza and chicken with cranberry barbecue sauce. Holiday cocktails include a Christmas citrus drink and a festive mojito. Complete the culinary adventure with a mint brownie truffle or a gingerbread funnel cake with a drizzle of cream cheese.

January marks the celebration of the Lunar New Year as the park showcases a beautiful Chinese Wonderland. Asian folklore and Chinese cuisine will transport guests to the far reaches of the Orient. Bold acrobats and amazing fountains of sparks entertain and amaze guests throughout the celebration. And a majestic 45-foot-long Dragon King emerging from the wave pool at Cowabunga Bay is sure to be memorable.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for the community to experience a unique excursion that is the only one of its kind west of the Mississippi,” said Shane Huish, owner of Cowabunga Bay. “We have teamed up with Zigong Lantern Group, the premier leader in the lantern arts world, to bring this enchanted experience to Cowabunga Bay for everyone to enjoy.”

From 4:00 p.m. each day, guests can stroll through the open-air festival enjoying the wonders and phenomenon of the lantern exhibits at their leisure. Tickets cost $ 25.95 for adults and $ 21.95 for children 12 and under. Parking is free. Cowabunga Bay season pass holders can take advantage of discounts on food, drink and treats and admission is 50% off admission when they present their season pass to the park. Tickets are available on CowabungaBayVegas.com starting September 1. The Lantern Festival at Cowabunga Bay runs from November 5 through mid-February. More information about the event, including opening hours, is available on the website. Cowabunga Bay is located in Henderson at 900 Galleria Drive.