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BarkBox uses his spidey senses with the new Spider-Man box



BarkBox has created a subscription box for just about everything. Holidays, specific decades and even movies. They had a special Space Jam 2 box when it was released. But this time it’s about friendly, neighborhood Spider-Man.

The new box was designed to go with the latest movie, Spider-Man: No Path Home. The box contains a ton of toys as well as a treat or two. The toy shown is a Spider-Man fabric toy that any dog ​​will love to chew on. Especially the legs.

The exclusive holiday box also includes a Doctor Strange plush toy with a squeaky interior. Fortunately, his cape doesn’t come off to chase after you or your dog. You also benefit from a Beagle of the day newspaper that is stuffed with squeaky, crumpled material so that when your dog bites it, it looks like a real newspaper.

The Spider-Man box also includes a salvage ring with a Spider-Man web design around it, a black and red tennis ball with a spider on it, and a squeaky Peter Parker Bubble toy. The toy is shaped like a bubble and says “What The Bark ?!” on one side and “Do A Flip!” the other.

Almost everyone loves Spider-Man, including BarkBox, who made it the theme of their new box of goodies.

Barkbox also doesn’t forget the treats for hungry doggos. The box also contains a bag of Friendly Neighborhood dog treats. Spidey Bites are lamb flavored and great for rewarding your dog after learning a new trick (but maybe keeping them from jumping from building to building).

If you just want this box, it’s $ 35 on the BarkBox site. If you want to go for a 6 month subscription, it’s $ 26 and $ 23 for a 12 month subscription.

While there are no real dogs in the MCU trilogy of the Spidey movies, the latest trailer for No way home includes the sarcastic Strange telling Peter, MJ and Ned to “Scooby-Doo this shit,” referring to the mess of the multiverse.

If you’re a Spider-Man fan or want to prep your dog for the movie’s premiere when it releases on Friday, December 17, 2021, this is the perfect box for you.

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