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Basics of Aggressive Dog Behavior | Local News



»Constant attachment or chaining with no positive or minimal interactions with humans

»Deliberate training to make the dog aggressive

»Failure to properly confine the dog to avoid unsupervised contact with the public

»Do not keep the dog on a leash in public

Dog owners are responsible for undue damage or damage caused by their pets. If you are an owner, how can you reduce the risk of your dog harming someone? First, learn as much as you can about your pet’s behavioral history. Second, learn about the characteristics of your dog’s breed and what training techniques you can apply on your own. Never use your hands or fingers in place of a toy. Third, socialize your dog, starting with a puppy if possible. To do this, you need to be with the dog as much as possible and safely expose him to different people and situations. Fourth, neuter / neuter your pet. Fifth, don’t let your dog roam free and keep him on a leash when he is in public. Sixth, always supervise your dog around children. Teach children to respect animals, always approach a dog calmly and quietly, always ask permission before petting a dog, and never approach a stranger dog. Finally, if your dog needs training beyond what you can provide, consider bringing in a behavior specialist who uses rewards-based training.



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