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BBC defends dog grooming reality show perfect after backlash


The BBC defended perfect doggie, the dog grooming reality show that sees a series of professional pet stylists compete against each other in a series of themed challenges that see the transformation of beloved pets.

However, a number of viewers have expressed concerns about the content of the show, with some fearing that the nature of the dogs’ fur dyeing and clothing “sets a bad example.”

Sheridan Smith hosts the dog grooming show (Photo credit: BBC)

The BBC’s Executive Complaints Unit has since responded to the complaints, issuing a statement on Wednesday.

“During the production process, producers consulted both the RSPCA and the British Veterinary Association (BVA) to ensure best practice in [to] animal welfare, ”the statement began.

“Both organizations received details of the proposed grooming challenges and both were happy to recommend people who then became part of the production team.

“At no point did the animal care team feel that there was a risk to the welfare of the dogs and all dogs were monitored throughout to ensure they were happy, that they were not showing any signs of stress, that they had enough food and water, and that they were getting enough rest. away from the studio environment. “

The statement then discussed last week’s schedule, which saw some of the contestants use chalk to color the dog’s furs.

“Of the twenty challenges in the series, four used a limited temporary color form,” the ECU continued.

“Any use of color was strictly controlled and only used to showcase the groom and any use of color was explained and contextualized for each groom. All colors were temporary, animal-safe and washed off almost immediately depending on the condition. dog’s coat.

“Throughout Pooch Perfect, it’s clear that the applicants are professional groomers and dog owners shouldn’t try these creative groomers at home.

“Every precaution was taken throughout filming to ensure the well-being of each dog and the production team firmly believe that each dog was treated well and that no dog was physically or mentally harmed by the process.”

Some challenges saw the puppies' fur tinting (Photo credit: BBC)
Some challenges saw the puppies’ fur tinting (Photo credit: BBC)

While the BBC maintains that safety is paramount for dogs who have participated in perfect doggie, some animal welfare groups have expressed concerns about how the public may perceive pet “makeover” shows.

Becky Thwaites, National Pet Charity Public Affairs Manager Blue To cross, Recount Tyla: “The use of hair dyes to color dog fur is a trend that Blue To cross finds extremely worrying. He suggests it’s okay to treat dogs like fashion accessories and doesn’t recognize that they are sensitive animals with clear welfare needs.

“While some dyes may be marketed as suitable for pets, we still advise against using them. There are a lot of things you can do to treat your pet and dyeing their fur is not one of them. “

perfect doggie, based on an Australian show of the same name, is hosted by Sheridan Smith and his canine companion Stanley.

Sheridan Smith hosts the dog show (PA)
Sheridan Smith hosts the dog show (PA)

Speaking about her first prime-time showcase gig, Sheridan explained, “I’m a big dog lover and the timing seemed right, I had just had my son, Billy, so it was an absolute honor to be invited.

“As a host I got to know each candidate very well, I’m a sociable person and love getting to know people. I got really attached and wanted them all to win! I even hated announcing who came home every week, so I was thankful it wasn’t my job to judge them. “

Pooch Perfect continues Thursday night at 8 p.m. on BBC One.

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