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Best dog grooming products: Clippers, shampoo and towels


Just as we humans like to keep clean, our four-legged friends also benefit from being kept in ship shape.

There are of course professional groomers you can turn to.

But with the lockdown forcing all dog owners to DIY – some for the first time – many have realized that for some breeds the basics aren’t that hard after all.

And in any case, even dogs that regularly visit groomers need to be cared for at home. In addition to keeping your pet’s coat shiny and tangle-free, grooming also helps prevent skin irritations and annoying lodgers in your dog’s fur.

We’ve scoured dozens of grooming essentials for dogs of all shapes and sizes to find you the best one.

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Paws & Presto Extra Large High Performance Microfiber Dog Towel

Microfiber towels dry wet dogs quickly, but they’re incredibly lightweight. It’s one of the biggest on the market and we’ve found it absorbs more moisture than the others too – great news after a bath or a dip in the river on a walk. It washes well at 40°C and there’s a 90 day money back policy if you don’t love it.

Furminator Dog Shedding Removal Tool

Rare is the professional groomer who does not have one in his box of tricks. The stainless steel comb-like edge cuts through the coat smoothly and effortlessly, removing undercoat and loose hair while protecting the skin. As the collection of fur builds up, you press the button to eject it, making it easy to dispense. There are also other sizes.

Beaphar toothpaste and toothbrush kit

Your veterinarian will certainly have advised you to clean your dog’s teeth regularly. But you should never use human toothpaste because most contain fluoride which is toxic to dogs. Either way, your pet will thank you for that meaty flavor on boring old mint every day. This one comes with a toothbrush, although we also note the brand’s finger brush, sold separately (in which case, just buy the toothpaste without the brush).

Groom Professional Fresh Baby Shampoo

It’s expensive for a normal shampoo, let alone a pet shampoo. But it’s the best, in our opinion. It contains aloe vera to nourish your dog’s skin and coat, gives real shine and softness and the baby powder scent is both gorgeous and long lasting. While other shampoos can irritate dogs’ skin, this one contains only natural cleansers.

Paws & Presto Natural Dog Paw Balm

Your poor dog’s paws can take a beating, especially if he walks a lot. This can lead to dry, sore, or cracked skin. A monthly app of this stuff should sort them out. Antibacterial, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and antifungal, it is completely natural. Pewter lasts so long because only a thin coat is needed each time.

Pet Teezer Dog Grooming Brush

Tangle Teezers have long been a bestseller for humans. Well, now your dog can have a share of the action. This one gets rid of excess hair, potentially saving you hours of vacuuming time, and our dog couldn’t get enough of the massaging effect. While the more expensive Furminator brush (reviewed above) has the edge on performance, our dog definitely preferred this one and it’s also easy to clean, as well as being family friendly. A detangling version is also available for dogs with long hair.

Groom Room Dog Claw Clipper

We tried the smaller clippers from this brand, which are ideal for small dogs. The handle sits ergonomically in the hand and the nail guard means you can’t cut too much – this is important as you need to protect the blood vessels in the middle of your pet’s claw. While other clippers may feel flimsy, they are strong and the blade is nice and sharp with a good clean cut.

Ancol Ergo Safety Scissors

While it’s tempting to use your own household scissors to trim your dog’s eye, foot, and butt hair, it’s never a good idea. Not only for health reasons, but because the risk of an accident with an agitated dog is all the greater. These safety scissors have a blunt end and are of such good quality that they can also be doubled up for more general cutting.

Animology Fox Poop Shampoo

If you’ve ever been tempted to yell at your dog, it’s probably when you realize he’s rolled in fox feces. But while many regular dog shampoos aren’t enough to rid them of that seemingly eternal pong, this extra strength one will come to the rescue. Plus, it has a built-in conditioner for extra nourishment. For times of emergency, it’s worth having it at the back of the cabinet.

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This brand is best known for their fabulous rubber chew toys that you can fill with dog treats. But he also nailed it with this brush that massages your wet pooch while you work through the shampoo. An innovative concept, the rubber fingers massage the skin, stimulate capillaries and natural oil production to keep your dog feeling and looking healthy. It works a treat.

Animology Heaven Scent Dog Body Mist

From one of the best dog grooming brands, this is a quick and easy solution to treating pet pongs without causing irritation to your dog’s hair or skin. It’s all natural – so no sulfates, parabens, silicones or alcohol – and it leaves a light neroli and peony scent that doesn’t overpower or linger in the air for too long.

Groom Room Multi-Purpose Wipes for Dogs and Cats

We love this pack of jumbo wipes because they’re bigger than most, won’t dry out, are easily retrieved from the pack, and smell great. As you would expect, they are all all natural and can be used around the eyes as well as on the coat. The pack also lasts long.

Scruffs Noodle Dry Mat

This ultra-absorbent mat is ideal for a soaked dog to lie down after his bath. We were amazed at how quickly the textured strands absorbed moisture, saving our bathroom floor from disaster, and if you use it with the brand’s microfiber dog towel, you’ll get them. will dry in no time. It’s good for dogs of all sizes and you can also use it in the car after walks. Easily washable, it comes out of the washing machine like new.

Healthy Cubs Grooming Glove

For short-haired dogs, grooming gloves are a godsend. The raised dots have a magnetic quality that causes friction between the glove and the dog’s coat to help stimulate the skin, remove loose hair and give your dog a shinier, healthier looking coat. And your pooch won’t care – it’s like a nice massage for him. This one is available in a range of colors and is a great value.