Boost Your Nonprofit’s Summer Fundraising with Outdoor Events.

5 Great Outdoor Fundraising Events For Your Nonprofit

Boost your nonprofit’s summer fundraising efforts with outdoor events that appeal to donors, volunteers, and the people you serve. These ideas are great for small donors and large groups.

Fun runs are popular fundraisers for parks and recreation centers, and they can be tailored to any age group by requesting pledges rather than charging entry fees. Encourage participants to dress up for added flair.

Fun Runs

Fun Run fundraisers are a great way to get supporters excited and involved with a cause. They’re also very versatile, and they can be tailored to any age or interest level. Choosing a date and location, obtaining any necessary permissions, and planning out the “fun” elements of the event are all important steps in making sure your fundraiser is a success.

Most fun runs don’t have strict time limits, so participants can walk or jog at their own pace. Many are also themed with entertainment and food pit stops to add a more social atmosphere. In addition, participants can create their own donation pages using peer-to-peer software and share them with friends and family before the event to increase their fundraising potential.

Sports Tournaments

With the warm weather, sports-related events are a popular choice for outdoor fundraising ideas. Hold a golf tournament, basketball or baseball tournament, bowling event, or even a car wash-a-thon.

Bring in older players to coach younger ones. This will give the younger players a positive role model while making the tournament feel more special.

Try breaking a Guinness World Record at your event. This will attract attention and media coverage, as well as encourage attendees to come out and participate. There are many records to choose from, so find one that fits your target audience and the location of your event. You can also host a fun and silly challenge, like the most people doing balloon volleyball or an exercise ball class. Achieving a goal will help participants feel accomplished and proud.

Tree Planting Events

Tree planting events can be a great way to bring in new volunteers and create a sense of community involvement. By helping to improve the environment in which people live, they also encourage the local economy by bringing in more customers for local businesses that specialize in landscaping and providing tree services.

Planting trees provides numerous benefits for the community, including a natural habitat for birds and wildlife, slowing heavy rains to reduce flooding, reducing the urban heat island effect, and enhancing air quality by absorbing dust and pollen. It can also help to rehabilitate degraded soils by removing invasive plants like blackberry and ivy that crowd out healthy native trees.

Consider hosting a community tree-planting event with educational workshops on proper planting techniques and ongoing maintenance. These events can be a fun and rewarding experience for all types of participants.

World Environmental Day

World Environment Day is a global platform that inspires people from all walks of life to take action for the planet. It encourages environmental awareness and focuses on the need to protect our planet, and is held every year on 5 June.

This year, the event theme was “Beat Plastic Pollution,” with a special call for action to tackle marine pollution. It was celebrated worldwide by tens of millions of people who took part in tree planting, cleaning up trash, and other actions to highlight that there is only one Earth.

Bring back the classic outdoor school fundraiser with a fun run. Take it a step further with a color run, where students get pledges for each lap they complete while throwing safe, FDA-approved colored corn starch from station to station.

Outdoor Month

With many schools on summer break, this is a great time to run a fun-filled outdoor charity event for your school. Organize a dance-a-thon or have students raise money by collecting pledges for each minute they dance. This is also a great way to help kids learn to take care of their bodies and have some fun!

You can promote this event by using social media and online campaigns. This will help you reach a larger audience and increase the overall impact of your fundraiser.

The month of June is ‘Great Outdoors Month’, which aims to inspire people to explore America’s amazing places. You can use an online tool called Nature-Find to find state and national parks, wildlife refuges, and forests near you.

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