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Buddy Nielsen of Senses Fail: “Grief and acceptance are essential to experience joy in our lives” – Features


As they release a mind-blowing new single in “Death By Water”, we catch up with Buddy and find out exactly what fuels Senses Fail in 2021.

Senses Fail is back!

The band have just released their first brand new music since 2018’s “If There Is Light, It Will Find You” in the form of “Death By Water”. An atmospheric and darkly catchy slice of poetic post-hardcore shine, which also features a throaty appearance of Ice nine kills‘Spencer Charnas, the group continue to explore what they are capable of in 2021 and beyond.

To learn a little more about the birth of the song and how we got to this point in their journey, we had a little talk with singer Buddy Nielsen …

Where exactly in the process of setting up this new era of Senses Fail did this song come in?
“Somewhere in the middle. It helped define what the heavier side of our sound is. [right now] would be like. I was figuring out where to take things after not doing anything really heavy on “If There Is Light …” and coming out of a really heavy outing in [2015’s] ‘Remove the thorns from your heart’. “

What does it represent and how did the vision of what you wanted to write come to life?
“This represents my take on the Death By Water stanza in TS Elliot’s The Waste Land. For me, the song’s story is about entering the underworld through water and being cleansed of grief. visual that came to me from The Waste Land, I wanted to build my own version of the desert for my story. This song takes place after ‘Still Searching’, where I commit suicide at the end of the album, especially where I enter the underworld after I pass away. “

What was it about Spencer that suited this song?
“He’s just such a cool voice, and the screaming part was perfect for him to show both sides of it.”

Visually, especially in the context of this video, how does Senses Fail in 2021 feel for you?
“I feel like I want to bring back the British post-punk look of Joy Division and New Order a bit more. Very dark and very gothic. All the images are centered around natural decay and the different forces that cause decay and , of course in doing so bring rebirth. So I wanted the visual to represent what grief and death are from a natural and human perspective. We make altars for our loved ones, and naturally, altars and the objects we use to move our grief also rot. I want to visually show the cycle we’re a part of. “

How does that compare to what you wanted the band to look and feel like in the past?
“I think it’s a lot more focused and a lot more visual. In the past, our visuals always took precedence over music, but I really wanted the visuals to be so much a part of the story. You really have to see images. to understand the mood and the mood in which I want people to understand this record and the wasteland. “

What do you think was your main goal with the band’s music this time around? What is the core of what you have tried to convey?
“I want to convey the functional movement of grieving. Ideally, I would like to help the listener through cycles of grief that might be blocked for them. Much of what we have dealt with over the past two years is grief. . We wrote this before the pandemic, but it all sounds a lot more useful now. Grieving and accepting the fleeting nature of life is the key to feeling joy in our lives. Without the acceptance of death and the mourning procession, we live very sheltered. lives. “

What has the ‘If There Is Light It Will Find You’ cycle done for you, both musically and personally?
“I became a dad, so it changed me tremendously. It required me to really clean up all the ways I got stuck. I really had to look at what I was bringing to the table and how it wasn’t just anymore. me. was touching. It gave me great joy, the success of the record. I had really driven a lot in it, it was really decisive. If it didn’t work, I was going to have to go in another direction. “

How did the last three years of experimentation, where you not only went back to the very beginning of the band but also took over a few classic bands, informed what you want the band to be now?
“For me, it all became a storytelling story. I feel like my role and my job is to come out and challenge myself emotionally, physically and really to dig into the big questions of existence and tell the story. stories about the experiences. Also, to start sharing other peoples stories. I’m much more of a musician now, as I wrote the last two records, I feel like I finally feel comfortable with the role songwriter.

What does Senses Fail mean to you in 2021?
“A chance to bring joy.”

How has your relationship with the band adapted throughout the writing of these new songs?
“I mean, all I can say is I appreciate myself a lot more through this process. I was the main songwriter and the main person working on the music. Most of it was a solo process until it’s time to save it. “

How does it feel to be here to continue the band’s story this way?
“It’s weird. It was always a group of 5 guys, and now it’s my story, my vision and my baby. I never thought that almost 20 years ago, I would be here, always successful and always learning and growing. “

What excites you the most in the future?
“Endless creativity.”

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