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Canine Behavior Expert Reveals How ‘Trigger Stacking’ Could Have Triggered Pit Bull Simba To Attack His Owner And Kill Her



In October 2017, Tania Klemke died of a sudden attack from her pit bull Simba at her home in Watson, on the northern outskirts of Canberra. This breed of dogs has gained a reputation for being violent and known to attack people, but canine behaviorists disagree as they investigate the real reasons some pets behave in this deadly manner. .

According to Florida-based dog behavior expert Jim Crosby, the dog most likely broke after “stacking the triggers.” As reported by Daily mail, he shared, “In dogs, there’s something called trigger stacking. A dog can have a moderate or weak response to one thing in particular, but if you increase the stress of several things, it can cause a pretty reaction. strong of a dog, although none of the individual triggers would. “

Tania died when Simba lost control and the neighbors heard her cries for help and called the police who then shot the dog down. The dog turned on the cops the moment they tried to give Tania medical help, that is, when the authorities fired the fatal shot.

As reported by the Canberra schedule, the pit bull became a part of the household as a puppy in 2013, but grew very quickly and developed a very strong physical presence. The dog started to become a bit of a nuisance to the neighbors as he was breaking into their backyards.

Tania and Simba seemed to have a close bond, but Simba quickly became very protective of his owner. He then began to develop an inability to cope with stress, which led to many unpredictable behaviors. It is not known exactly what prompted the dog to attack its owner or if Simba experienced any violent incidents / altercations in the months leading up to the attack.

In 2017, Tania’s house was broken into by two men who were carrying guns and also wearing balaclavas. According to police reports, her son was thrown out of a window while Simba’s ear was cut with a machete. About 5 months after the incident, Tania’s ex-boyfriend came home uninvited and the couple had a huge argument that affected Simba.

Simba grabbed the man’s leg and neighbors rushed to the scene to find Simba attacking the man. One of the neighbors used a baseball bat to hit the dog on the head and use meat to distract him. Tania had to warn people not to come to her house because she feared that they would also be attacked. When Tania welcomed a friend into the house on October 25, 2017, Simba mutilated her to death while the man had to hide in the laundry. It is reported that Simba chewed and also clawed at the door in an attempt to reach the man.

Crosby added: “The fact that he tried to force his way through the laundry room door to reach the stranger tells me that the dog had a lot of defensive focus. If a dog is so focused on something , like defending your owner, in some dogs this frustration can get so great that it has to release it on something or someone, and sometimes it’s the closest person. “



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