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Celebrate the senses for a multi-sensory food festival in Sydney


For two weekends in September, Greenwood Plaza in North Sydney will host a fully immersive food court, designed to ignite taste, smell, touch, sight and hearing. Feast of the senses will take place on September 2 and 3 and September 9 and 10.

With menus designed by Chef Nelly Robinson (of Nel. Fame, that fine dining restaurant known for its OTT themed tastings), dive into three incredible multi-sensory zones with themed bites, mixologist-designed drinks and live art performances. direct – there is the magic of the fairy tales of the Once upon a time area, the wonders of the beyond Spaceand even experience in the world of below zero.

Each sensory zone will feature pop-up booths and kiosks featuring themed food and exclusive drinks, as well as multi-sensory elements such as production lighting, custom soundscapes, scent mists and more. In the world of Sub Zero, sample Robinson’s Fried Chicken with Buttermilk Snow Chili Mayonnaise, served with a Hellfire Mojito Mocktail. In space, dine on a “UFO burger” or “Saturn dog” while sipping a Blueberry Vanilla Dry Tai. Or let your imagination run wild in Once Upon a Time, with lady and the tramp spaghetti and meatballs, or by Peter Pan gold; Golden roasted pork belly croquettes and aioli served with a Blackberry Sour mocktail.

Those who love sweets can indulge in Renae Smith’s hot cookie dough toast topped with a scoop of frozen ice cream, or try Robinson’s “Melted Olaf” carrot cake with mandarin orange and yogurt. For budding astronauts, you can also try freeze-dried ice cream bars, just like the ones they eat in space.

Admission to the festival is completely free, and snacks start from just eight dollars. Family food packages are also available to keep the whole herd happy. Head over to the Feast for the Senses website here for more information.

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