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Chris Evans shows off hilarious dog grooming failure



“It went so badly, so fast.”

With dog groomers across the country still closed due to COVID-19, some people are starting to take matters into their own hands. One of those people was Chris Evans, who really botched his DIY grooming job.

The “Avengers: Endgame” star admitted on Monday that he bit more than he could chew while trying to prey on his dog’s coat Dodger.

“I assured him I knew what I was doing. He seemed skeptical at first, but with the help of a few treats I convinced him,” Evans wrote. “It went so badly, so fast.”

To prove how terrible he did a job, the 38-year-old proudly showed his grooming failure. It looks like Evans tried to shave his mixed-race boxer, as the snap shows a prominent bald spot just behind Dodger’s right shoulder.

Evans also tried straightening Dodger’s pants – the long fur on a dog’s hind legs – but just managed to turn his dog into an uplifting tale of why people shouldn’t cut their hair at the House. Poor Dodger is now styling a 40s haircut on his back, with incredibly short, choppy, and very uneven strands of fur.

“I guess some things are best left to the pros,” Chris wisely advised his fans who may have been planning on giving their own dogs a much needed haircut.

The “Knives Out” star also assured fans that Dodger was unaware of his terribly bad haircut and joked, “He hasn’t seen a mirror yet. I told him it was there. looks awesome. “



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