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Colbert on “the alternative” to Aaron Rodgers’ vaccine: “My Goop senses tingle” | Late night TV tour



Stephane Colbert

Tuesday was a “disappointing” night for Democrats, Stephen Colbert said Thursday night, as they lost the governorship of Virginia to Republican Glenn Youngkin. But “the media – all of whom live in Virginia and New Jersey, coincidentally – are panicking so much that NBC is launching a new Sunday show, Sedate the Press,” the Late Show host joked.

A former Democratic official has even describe the election to Politico as “2009 once again”.

“Yes! In 2009, Americans all liked the old man from Up,” Colbert said, “and now we’ve elected this man president.”

The harsh election night re-energized Congressional Democrats to pass crucial social and infrastructure plans – last week, due to opposition from West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin, Democrats removed paid family leave from the government. Build Back Better bill. But after the defeat in Virginia, the House added a provision for four weeks of federally paid family and medical leave. “Okay, that’s something! Said Colbert. “It’s not what someone asked for, but it’s better than nothing. Coincidentally, also the slogan of RC Cola.

Colbert then turned to other news, namely the revelation that Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers tested positive for Covid-19 and was not vaccinated, a status he had for himself. went to great lengths to disguise. Rodgers previously told reporters he was “immune,” but ESPN learned this week that he received “alternative” treatment which he asked the NFL to consider a vaccination. The league refused because it was a homeopathic treatment provided by Rodgers’ personal physician to increase his antibody levels.

“Uh oh, my goop senses are tingling,” Colbert said. “I’m no expert, but I guess it’s a lot easier to play football with a ball in your arm than a jade egg stuck where the sun isn’t shining. Again, they’re called the Packers.

Seth Meyer

Late that night, Seth Meyers also clarified the election results on Tuesday, which wasn’t all bad news for Democrats – the party won a victory for New Jersey governor, with Chris Murphy becoming the first Democratic governor to win a second term since the 1970s, and maintained control of the state legislature.

“So, yeah, the results were bad for the Democrats and, yeah, they absolutely need to learn some real lessons from it, but you didn’t need a Virginia election result to tell you that aren’t exactly good for Democrats. now, “Meyers said.” Biden’s poll numbers are in the bathroom, worries about the economy and inflation are on the rise, people are exhausted and angry with the 20 months into a pandemic, and Democrats in Congress have spent what seems like an eternity haggling over a bill to implement Biden’s agenda, and they still can’t agree on a deal.

“It doesn’t seem that complicated to me: you have to do popular things that people like and then you have to tell the voters that Republicans will take them away,” he added. “I mean, it’s a party that claims to be a pro-worker populist movement, but in Virginia they just elected a multi-millionaire private equity leader,” Glenn Youngkin, who often wore a simple folk vest during the election campaign. “Don’t be fooled by this vest,” Meyers said. “He has pocket money.”

Trevor Noah

And at the Daily Show, Trevor Noah investigated legal maneuvers by health products giant Johnson & Johnson to avoid liability for its popular baby talcum powder. The company faces thousands of lawsuits over allegations that its powder has been contaminated with asbestos.

Johnson & Johnson has long denied the connection, but documents reveal the company was aware of small amounts of asbestos in its products as early as 1957. The company recalled the product and was forced to pay hundreds of millions of dollars. dollars in settlement for women who attribute their ovarian cancer to the powder. “It’s a lot of lawsuits,” Noah said. “I mean, you know you fucked up when your business gives more money than the Power Bowl.

“You cannot sell baby powder that contains asbestos,” he continued. “People rub things all over their body. Not to mention the cocaine dealers who mix it into their product – now you have innocent cokeheads snorting asbestos – that’s unacceptable!

Johnson & Johnson has found a cure, noted Noah, “but unfortunately it is not a cure for cancer. It’s for the legal issues of the business. By a daring law void, a ghost company of Johnson & Johnson, based in New Jersey, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in Texas.

NOT A WORD founded the alternative company, LTL, in Texas, a laxly regulated state; threw in all the billions of legal liability; then quickly filed for bankruptcy. “This is insane, folks – Johnson & Johnson pretty much tries to do the first thing everyone thinks of when they get caught: blame your evil identical twin,” Noah said.

“I mean we’ve all tried it, but it works one way or another if you’re a big company. Honestly, I’m almost in awe, I just wish they put as much effort into Covid immunity as they did in statutory immunity. “