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Come and test your senses by “dining in the dark”



Do we know our senses well? For those used to relying on sight to navigate the world, the answers might not be what we expected.

You may want to try Dine in the dark, an all-new sensory dining experience that sets an immersive plot this winter for Denver’s more adventurous foodies.

Dining in the Dark is a unique culinary experience designed to awaken the other senses of the guest by depriving them of a primordial meaning: sight.

Adventure-loving diners are blindfolded for most of the 90-minute dining experience.
The evening will be hosted by House & Howell Social with Chef Robert Guillory, with bar service provided by Avant Garde.

Diners can choose from three secret menus: green (vegan), blue (seafood) or red (meat), and can specify other dietary restrictions during the ticketing process.

DitD Denver has three dates remaining for the holiday season:

  • Thursday December 9
  • Thursday December 16
  • Wednesday 22 December

Each seat begins at 6 p.m. Tickets for the event cost $ 190 per dinner. This event is 18 years old; guests under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.