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Comprehensive Guide for People Considering FE Canine Grooming Courses Launched – FE News


The iPET Network has published a comprehensive guide for anyone considering a career in dog grooming.

There is a nationwide shortage of qualified dog groomers, and with the puppy boom creating more demand than ever, now is a great time to consider a career in animal care.

International Awarding Organization and creators of qualifications iPET Network has created a practical guide, for those considering a career change and wondering where to start.

The guide, which is available here, outlines the steps those entering the industry must follow, to ensure they are well prepared for a challenging and rewarding career.

An excerpt from the guide reads: “Technically anyone in the UK can just pick up a pair of scissors and start trimming dogs for money, but that’s a terrifying prospect given the skill, safety, animal welfare and skill level required.

“You are also caring for people’s beloved pets and you could risk high costs and serious reputational damage to your business if something goes wrong.

“We’ve all seen those viral stories of dogs being given terrible grooming and ending up looking like Sid from Ice Age, right!

“So to be a responsible groomer that your customers can trust, you have to be trained.”

The document then goes on to explain the training needed and the benefits of joining the profession, such as career flexibility and entry into a booming industry.

Speaking about the need for a comprehensive guide for future learners, Sarah Mackay and Fern Gresty, Founders of the iPET Network, said: “We created this guide to answer many of the questions someone might have who is considering enter the world of canine grooming. .

“For many people considering a career change, the first steps can be daunting, so this guide aims to calm their fears and presents the essential information in a user-friendly way.

“There has never been a better time to become a dog groomer, and for many people working with animals is a dream job. But skills and qualifications are essential to building a safe and reputable industry, showcasing dog grooming as a career and we are committed to it.

The aim of the iPET network is to be the organization of choice for training providers, employers and learners in the animal care and veterinary sciences sector.

Our mission is to improve animal welfare through education and to stimulate the animal care professions through high quality, industry-led training.

To access the guide and learn more about the iPET network, go to https://www.ipetnetwork.co.uk/guides/a-guide-to-becoming-a-dog-groomer/

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