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Connecticut sees trend in Instagram-friendly dog ​​spaces



With high dog adoption rates during the COVID-19 pandemic, the pet industry is booming across the country. In a recent interview with The Associated Press, Petco CEO Ron Coughlin described dogs as a “furry annuity” that would benefit dog grooming businesses and pet stores for years to come.

In 2020, the pet products industry set a record, reaching more than $ 100 billion in annual sales, according to the American Pet Products Association (APPA). “The past year has presented a host of challenges that have led consumers across the country to turn to their pets for comfort and companionship,” said Steve King, CEO of APPA, in a statement. Press.

Connecticut is no exception to the trend. Lana Giancarli, who opened Neon Dog, a modern dog groomer and shop in Norwalk, said last February that her store was inundated with public demand. After opening a few days a week, Giancarli said she quickly had to switch to a five-day-a-week schedule to accommodate the rush.

But Neon Dog doesn’t just sell dog products and grooming; it also provides an Instagram-friendly photogenic space for trendy shoppers. The logo is a Jeff Koonz-style balloon animal dog, and inside everything is a rainbow and – as the name suggests – neon. A matte black back wall is adorned with a bright pink neon sign bearing the store’s name and mascot. For sale are dog toys, treats and human fashion.

“We wanted something different,” said Giancarli who has integrated a permanent photo space into his shop where dog owners can take photos of the end result of the grooming.

Like Giancarli, other dog groomers in the state have decided to make their dog spaces just as fashionable.

“My idea was to make a dog salon that looks like [the ones] for people, ”said Stephanie Pietri, owner of Ruff and Tumble dog grooming salon in South Windsor.

Pietri’s business is located in an old building from the 1850s that has been refurbished to create a luxurious dog grooming salon. “It’s a very open concept, so when someone comes in they can see the whole process unfolding,” she said.

Take a look at 5 Instagram-worthy dog ​​groomers and stores in Connecticut.

Neon dog


Neon Dog provides grooming and sells dog clothes, treats and baking ideas in Norwalk, Connecticut on Thursday, June 24, 2021.

Contributed by Neon Dog

Neon Dog was inspired by Giancarli Isabella’s dog, a Shih Tzu mix. Giancarli’s store offers in-store products that are carefully selected and made in the USA. It also has an online store where people from all over the country can order from their store. After grooming, clients can photograph their dogs in the photo space which includes a lighted letterbox personalized with each dog’s name.

Location: 536 West Avenue, Norwalk
Grooming services: grooming, bathing and nail trimming

Ruff and tumble

Windsor South

Ruff and Tumble is distinguished by its highly skilled groomers. Pietri has over 20 years of professional dog grooming experience and all of his staff are trained to provide breed specific grooming. Dog parents can photograph their dogs while they are groomed or inside Ruff and Tumble’s signature clawfoot tubs.

Location: 251 Sullivan Ave, South Windsor
Grooming services: Grooming, nail trimming and bathing

The paradise of paws

New Havre

Paw Haven offers dog grooming, daycare and boarding services. The college-style business measures nearly 15,000 square feet, allowing dogs to exercise when away from home. Customers can capture their dogs inside the preppy-style facility or take screenshots of their dogs using the pet cameras offered by Pet Haven.

Location: 1175 State St., New Haven

Grooming services: Grooming, daycare and boarding.

The pet spa


The Pet Spa offers salon-style grooming that focuses on one animal at a time. It also offers cat grooming services. Customers can photograph their freshly groomed dog with the Pet Spa’s seasonal backgrounds. The Pet Spa will open its doors to the public on July 1st; it previously operated with a sidewalk service.

Location: 199 Riverside Ave. Bristol

Grooming services: dog and cat grooming

Bakery and Grooming Woof Gang

Hartford West

Woof Gang is a local franchise. In addition to offering dog grooming, Woof Gang offers a wide variety of dog baked goods such as dog treats and birthday cookies. Parents can capture their dogs after grooming eating Woof Gang’s cookies or have the groomer take a photo in their signature bath space.

Location: 62 Isham Road, West Hartford

Grooming services: Dog grooming, baths, nail trimming and ear cleaning



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