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Croatia – immerse your senses – this is an innovative marketing campaign


The Croatian Tourist Board, in cooperation with the Go2Digital agency, is setting up an interesting and innovative new fragrance campaign at Split Airport. Namely, when leaving the plane and entering the airport area, many passengers at Split airport can smell the specific smells of the Mediterranean – sea, pine, fresh citrus, lemon, orange, lavender, white cedar, etc

According to research in the field of marketing and promotion, up to 75% of emotions are caused by smell, which is one of the most important sensations for shaping reality, mood and concentration. Based on this, the smell and the animation on the sign are accompanied by the title “Croatia – Immerse your senses”.

“In the Croatian tourist community, we follow modern trends in promoting tourism, which is confirmed by this interesting campaign that attracts the attention of many passers-by, that is, our guests in the most frequented places and in the middle of the high season it is certainly the airport. We want to be innovative and immediately give our customers the feeling of summer, rest and comfort, and at the same time interest them and inform them about other Croatian destinations and on parts of our overall tourist offer,” Croatian Tourist Board director Kristjan Staničić said, adding that this activity will continue until the end of July.

“I must mention that it was a real pleasure for me to participate in such a creative activation, which, in addition to the visual impact on passers-by, also aims to attract attention through another important human sensation – the According to all the feedback from the field so far, the combination of visual and olfactory has proven to be the ideal formula for capturing the attention of passers-by, which results in the increase in the number of impressions on devices that diffuse the scents of the Mediterranean,” said Ozren Eterović, sales representative of Go2Digital.