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DaisyBelle Paw Spa, Offering a Range of Dog Grooming Services, Opens in Owasso | News


Residents of Owasso can now pamper their puppies at a new dog grooming salon.

DaisyBelle Paw Spa opened earlier this month and offers local pet owners a place to have their fur babies cleaned and cared for.

“We provide a safe place for your dogs to get groomed, and it’s affordable,” said owner Brenda Miller, who started her business on March 1. “There isn’t a breed type that we don’t take.”

Miller, a former real estate agent, decided to pursue a different career and open the shop alongside her daughter, Bree, an experienced canine groomer, naming it after their two dogs, Daisy and Belle.

“She and I work really well together, so it was a great idea for both of us,” Miller said, “and Owasso just opened his arms and welcomed us.”

Bree added, “It means the world to me. Owasso has been amazing…supporting us.

DaisyBelle offers full haircuts, baths, ear cleanings, nail clippings, toothbrushing, and gland extractions, in addition to other services like flea and tick treatment and prevention. . He also offers his canine customers complementary treats, as well as stylish bows and bandanas to show off their new look.

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Additionally, Miller and her daughter have created the space to serve as a warm, trustworthy environment that gives local dog owners peace of mind when they walk through the door.

“Safety is our number one priority,” she said. “When we designed our living room, we wanted it to be open…you know what’s going on with your dog. We want all of these dogs to be treated like we treat our dogs.

When asked why safety is important, Bree added, “Just comfort for dogs, comfort for pet parents; being able to drop off their pet and feel like they are leaving their pet in a safe place with people who truly care.

Stephanie Miller (no relation to Brenda or her daughter) is a recent DaisyBelle client who came away satisfied after enrolling her two dogs – Mellie, a sheepadoodle, and Aurora, an English Sheepdog – in a must-have trim.

“They look great. It was a great experience,” said Stephanie. “We were looking for a new groomer…we were excited to see a new local business open.”

For more information about DaisyBelle Paw Spa, located at 12500 E. 86th St. N., call 918-800-4358 or visit daisybellepawspa.net.