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Dog breeds that require minimal grooming



Are you trying to decide which breed of dog is right for you? Are you nervous about a dog that needs a lot of grooming? If you are worried that you will not have a lot of time to groom your dog, then these dog breeds that require minimal grooming may be perfect for you.


The adorable Beagle was first bred to hunt hares. These dogs are small, fragrant dogs. This breed is well known for its intelligence, stubbornness, and obedient personality. The Beagle has a medium length coat and sheds. However, they require little grooming besides weekly brushing. They are charming, low-maintenance dogs with affectionate dispositions.


This beautiful breed is originally from Germany. The Boxer is a medium-sized working dog. They are incredibly playful, energetic, and require a lot of exercise. This breed is loyal to its family and very sociable and friendly to those it recognizes. It is the perfect companion for active people who want a people-oriented dog. Boxers have thin, cropped coats that don’t require much except an occasional swim.

Italian Greyhound

This popular breed is the smallest of the greyhounds. Although the Italian Greyhound is not recommended for families with young children, they love to be companion dogs and are particularly affectionate. They require very little grooming due to their short, thin coat. Some homeowners claim that all the bath they need is just wiped down with a damp cloth. However, cleaning Italian Greyhounds too often can irritate their skin. The Italian Greyhound is a low-maintenance breed that makes a great choice for those looking for a small companion.


The vizsla comes from Hungary and is a popular choice of hunting dog. This breed is energetic, intelligent and very affectionate. It is perfect for an active family. They have the will to please and do not lack stamina. The Vizsla is also known to lack the usual dirty dog ​​smell that most breeds get when washed.

Great Dane

Great Danes can seem intimidating at first, but make no mistake about it. This breed originates from Germany and makes excellent guard and hunting dogs. Great Danes are known to be gentle giants. They have wacky personalities and love to interact with people. They are particularly affectionate towards humans and get along well with children, even the youngest. Weekly brushing is the only grooming requirement for Great Danes.


The Weimaraner is a large hunting dog that is still popular among hunters today. This breed needs enough exercise and does best with active families. They have short coats that require almost no maintenance at all.

While all of these adorable dog breeds require minimal grooming, remember that it’s still important to meet their needs. They should be washed, brushed and their nails cut. All of this can be accomplished with a monthly trip to your local groomers.



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