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Dog Grooming: How To Treat Matted Fur [VIDEOS]

Dog Grooming: How To Treat Matted Fur [VIDEOS]


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Detaching the fur is not the funniest part of owning dogs, but it is essential for their care. You want your dog to feel his best, and there’s no reason he can’t be his best too.

Truth be told, matted fur, when left unattended, can become painful for dogs. It pulls on the skin and can also harbor bacteria and parasites, leading to infections and infestations. It is therefore essential to ensure that your puppy’s coat remains healthy and disentangled.

However, not all dogs need the same techniques, and you may need to be especially smart if your dog is not a fan of grooming. Obviously, your professional groomer can take care of your dog’s disentangling needs, but home care is still important.

Here are some basic tips and video tutorials for removing your dog’s coat.

Detangling Dogs 101

The video above is a great tutorial as it shows how to use a few sets of tools to work on fairly heavy rugs. It’s about breaking up the rugs and using different brushes to comb them.

Now we probably don’t all have the well-behaved puppy we’ve seen here, but the idea remains the same.

Using a furminator

The video above features someone dog lovers should know, Jun the Groomer.

Jun has some handy and well-known tools that every parent of coarse-coated dogs should know.

It actually uses a “Furminator”In this video too, which is a great dog comb for any breed!

Get behind the ears

The first two videos covered the basics of removing rugs from your dog’s fur. Now, let’s tackle a slightly more problematic area for dogs – behind the ears.

If you’ve watched Jun the Groomer’s video, you’ve probably noticed that there are sensitive areas that are too tender to be demated. Under the armpit is one of those places, but so it is behind a dog’s ears.

In the video above, Rodrigo “The Dog Man” shows you the best way to get rid of carpet on your dog’s ears. Remember to always make sure that your dog will stay still during something like this, as a rambunctious puppy runs the risk of injuring themselves.

If in doubt, go to the groomer

If you aren’t comfortable doing some or all of the above grooming duties on your own, taking your vet to a nearby groomer is probably the safest bet.

Coat care is imperative for a dog’s good health, so don’t skimp on the quality. Ask your friends, family or neighbors for recommendations.

Also, be sure to read online groomer reviews before picking up your puppy. There have been unfortunate cases of abuse and even death when dogs are not properly cared for by careless or untrained groomers.

Do you groom your dog at home? Do you have any disentangling tips for other dog lovers? Let us know in the comments below!

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