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Dog grooming is a multi-billion dollar business in our country.

Even in a community the size of Minot, there’s a great need for “Fido” to get a haircut, and appointments are filling up right away.

For Elyse Barcomb, keeping her four-legged friend in shape is a way of life.

“I started working about two and a half years ago as a dog groomer in another place, and I loved it so much, and what I have to do with it, that I just thought it would be really fun to start mine,” Barcomb says.

Barcomb launched “Hair of the Dog Grooming” from her own home. She grooms all breeds and sizes of dogs, from Saint-Bernard to Bichon.

Barcomb said many of the Magic Town’s dog grooming salons fill up pretty quickly, so here she is giving dogs like Percy a little chance to get a haircut.

“I got more phone calls and Facebook messages and stuff than I really thought,” she said.

Barcomb grooms the dog from top to bottom, clipping his nails and clipping his ears, with an ever so delicate touch.

She said she considers dog grooming an art form.

“I can be really expressive and creative with it. It’s just, it’s kind of fascinating and addicting to me, I never really get tired of it,” she said.

Barcomb also said she tries to stay flexible with her schedule to accommodate her two-legged and four-legged clients.

We would like to thank ‘Percy’ the dog for being such a good sportsman during the filming of today’s story!

If you would like to make an appointment with Hair of the Dog Grooming, you can call Barcomb at: (701) 818-9355 or visit their website: www.hairofthedoggroomingnd.com

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