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Enchant the senses with a trip to the Perfume Garden


Founded with the visually impaired in mind, this garden is a feast for the senses as scent guides its visitors.

San Francisco’s Garden of Fragrance is meant to be a feast for olfactory receptors, with everything from a flowing canopy of thyme to peppermint and lemongrass. The park, founded in 1965 for the disabled and visually impaired, aims to provide a complete subjective perception through scent and feel. It has been repaired and renovated over the decades and is now home to a variety of bird and bee species that love the rich vegetation.

The Fragrance Park is a setting that will delight the senses of tourists with a diverse assortment of the world’s finest and most exotic fragrant flowers.

Getting There

  • By bus : Nearest Bus Stop – Lincoln – Way & 9th Ave Bus Stop | It is a 5 minute walk from the garden.
  • By train : Nearest Transit Stop – Irving St & 8th Ave, Transit Stop | It is a 10 minute walk from the garden.

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Plants to see

Yesterday, today and tomorrow

  • Scientific name: Brunfelsia Pauciflora var. Calycine
  • The common name relates to the color of the flowers, which change from dark purple to light purple and finally to almost white.
  • It bears brilliant flowers in small feather dusters in winter. After cold winters, the petals are tender but not bright green or shiny.

willow leaf jasmine

  • Scientific name: Cestrum Parqui
  • It is not jasmine, but it blooms with extremely aromatic flowers.
  • The fragrance is much stronger than other jasmines and is more prominent at night.
  • The flowers are greenish yellow in color. This plant is native to Chile and is evergreen. It weakens in the cold, so cutting it to the bottom in the spring is the best option. The typical height is around seventy-two inches.

mickey mouse factory

  • Scientific name: Ochna Serrulata
  • This evergreen plant from equatorial Africa battles the harsh winters of Northern California.
  • It rarely reaches the height of its native territory.
  • It features small soft blades with a tint, yellow flowers with red petals and strange berries.
  • The shiny red receptacles and black seed-like drupes resemble Mickey Mouse’s face, hence the name.


  • Scientific name: Syringa Velutina
  • Since the regular lilac does not thrive in the garden environment, this one is planted alternately in the area.
  • The petals are noticeably smaller, the stems are thinner, and the bush is quite confined than the typical lilac. The aroma of small lavender-pink flowers, which smell of lilac but are less noticeable, can be smelled in April.

Star Jasmine

  • Scientific name: Trachelospermum Jasminoides
  • The scientific name of this plant implies that it is not actual jasmine, but rather a jasmine that looks like it, hence the common expression is misleading.
  • As it resists the breeze blowing in the Garden, this plant does not grow. It would be lush and produce many small, pale, starry flowers for a long time in a shady, warmer location.
  • The main flowering times are July and August, but she needs the sun to bring out her refreshing floral aroma.
  • The petals are shiny and breaking a branch releases a creamy fluid.

Chilean guava

  • Scientific name: Ugni Molinae
  • The plant is a tall, spreading shrub that is distinguished by the depth of the slope of the bed.
  • In spring and early summer, tourists will notice a cluster of aromatic, bell-shaped flowers.
  • The small spherical berries that follow have a delicious aroma, reminiscent of ripe apples.
  • They produce excellent jellies.
  • Tiny shiny, rubbery petals cover the tangle of stems.
  • Fresh leaves have a copper color.


  • Scientific name: Melianthus minor
  • The attractive bush grows quickly and can reach a width of ten feet. Although it has a large area in the garden, the plant must be pruned regularly.
  • There is nothing in the smell that suggests honey.
  • The red flowers in long arrows are nectariferous, however, if the nectar has an odor, it does not seep into the unpleasant smelling foliage.
  • In the place of origin, South Africa, the elixir has healing properties.


  • Scientific name: Sarcococca ruscifolia
  • This slow-growing perennial has reached a height of four or even six feet.
  • It is also used as a live fence.
  • It blooms with aromatic greenish-white flowers and has glossy dark green petals with jagged edges in winter.
  • The fruits are a dark scarlet color.

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Where to eat in the region

Ebisu Restaurant

  • Ebisu is a famous Japanese and sushi restaurant in San Francisco, near scenic Golden Gate Park, owned and operated by Steve and Koko Fujii.
  • The restaurant prides itself on serving only the freshest, most delicious food and accessible fish.
  • Classic sashimi and sushi dishes are available at the restaurant. Dinner combos and specialty rolls are also available, all of which can be paired with delicious draft beers and wines.
  • Delicious and unique desserts such as red bean ice cream are also on the menu.
  • Address: 1283 9th Ave, San Francisco, CA 94122, USA


  • Um.Ma., which means “mom” in Korean, is a tribute to all mothers, because they prepare the best home cooking.
  • Cooks will prepare traditional dishes such as boiling pots of pork belly tofu and milky white bowls of beef bone soup with succulent pieces of belly.
  • Um.Ma’s kitchen team is very pleased with making some of the tastiest and freshest banchan.
  • The restaurant also has a lush back porch with a bar, picnic areas, and 80-year-old oak trees where patrons can enjoy drinks while listening to 90s pop music and dining al fresco.
  • Um.Ma Group’s mission is to popularize Korean cuisine and tradition while providing customers with the nostalgic experience of being back at their mother’s house, enjoying a good home-cooked dinner.
  • Address: 1220 9th Ave, San Francisco, CA 94122, USA

Pacific jack

  • Sustainable and healthy fish recipes influenced by Pacific flavors are served at the restaurant.
  • The owners of Pacific Catch used their varied experiences to explore new recipes, intriguing flavors and local fish at every step to establish an innovative restaurant that offered a distinct combination of assertive flavors and brand new delights to continental America.
  • Address: 1200 9th Ave, San Francisco, CA 94122, USA

A visit to the Perfume Garden will be a unique experience for tourists.

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