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Fetch Dog Grooming’s McMillen Finds Inspiration In Original Owner



Fetch Dog Grooming and Boutique has served the people of Merritt and their canine companions for a decade, and now has a new owner at the helm ready to keep your puppies looking their best.

Robyn McMillen took over from original owner Valerie McDonald, who opened the grooming salon and retail store in 2011. McMillen describes herself as both a human person and a canine person, which makes her a perfect fit. to the operation of Fetch.

“I’m very caring and love to make people laugh,” McMillen said.

“I’m happy to be around people, but I also like spending time watching movies. I love being outdoors, hiking with my two dogs Theo and Ava, horseback riding, camping and spending time with my family and friends.

McMillen, who grew up in North Vancouver and first moved to Penticton before moving to Merritt three years ago, has spent many years grooming dogs large and small, and welcomes a multitude of breeds with a variety of style needs in his living room.

“I’ve been grooming dogs for about ten years,” McMillen said.

“I took two years off to work with autistic children, which was very rewarding and taught me a lot of patience. When I moved to Merritt, I found myself in the grooming industry. I started working at Fetch Dog Grooming & Boutique and have loved it since day one.

McMillen attributes his enjoyment at work to McDonald’s, who felt McMillen was the one who carried on with his job.

“The previous owner was great to work for, which inspired me to want to be the kind of boss she was,” explained McMillen.

“She decided to retire and asked me to take over her little shop, which I couldn’t refuse. I knew the purchase of this business was an amazing opportunity that I had to do so that all of our clients could continue to have their dogs groomed. All of the clients and their pets that I have come to know over the past few years have been so amazing.

According to the Canadian Institute for Animal Health, which annually surveys pet owners and determines how many Canadian households own a dog or cat, the number of dog owners has increased since 2018, from 7.6 million to 7.7 million.

Merritt is a dog-friendly community itself, with many residents having four-legged companions, so it’s no surprise that McMillen has had to bring in an extra set of hands to keep up with customer demand.

“Since I bought the store I have hired a second groomer named Chloe who has taken on new clients,” McMillen said.

“She has been a great asset to my team, very patient with all types of dogs, and caring about their welfare just as much as I do,” McMillen continued, noting that she hopes to expand the retail section. from the store and also have at least three groomers on staff in the future.

“There are many types of studies to become a groomer; some are between two and six months old, ”said McMillen, who hopes to find passionate and qualified people to fill groomer positions.

“It takes a long time to really feel comfortable grooming breed specific grooms. It is certainly better to gain hands-on experience than to take an online course. I don’t necessarily have a favorite breed to groom, but I do enjoy grooming Terrier-type dogs, moulting dogs, and dogs that have a cute, fluffy haircut. My favorite part about this job is seeing the customers’ reaction when they pick up their happy dogs! ”

If you need pet products such as food, grooming supplies, toys, treats, pet clothing, harnesses or leashes, or a variety of other limb items your furry family, or if you’re looking to schedule a grooming session for your dog, you can stop by Fetch at 2144 Quilchena Ave. in Quilchena Square or connect with them through Facebook or their website at www.fetchgrooming.com.



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