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Friends Open New Dog Grooming and Training Business in Kalama | Local



For the past three years, Cox has worked in veterinary clinics and is studying to become a veterinary nurse. She works three days a week at the North County Animal Hospital in Ridgefield. Cox said she had learned a lot from these experiences and was happy to now apply her knowledge to her own clients.

Cox said she would continue to share her time at Elemental Canine with the vet clinic as she couldn’t live without this aspect of her career.

“It’s so satisfying to be able to help (the animals),” Cox said. “Medicine is a growing field. There is never a dull moment.

When Cox moved to Ridgefield and realized that she and Jouwsma were in the same area again, they made their dream business a reality, Cox said.

“It’s nice to start a business with someone as passionate as you are,” she said.

Cox said they were lucky to find a location in downtown Kalama, which she said has a cozy, small town feel. The business received a good response from residents, she said, and broke even in its first three weeks, she said.

Although Donna’s Pet Grooming is located just down the street, Cox said the companies are working together. Donna’s has a 50-pound weight limit and is often booked with long-time clients, so she sometimes sends clients to Elemental Canine, Cox said. Elemental Canine takes dogs of all breeds, sizes and temperaments, she said.



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