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Gedney’s new dog grooming business



A former lifeguard with a passion for animals has started her own business where she can work with dogs all day.

Kerry Hardy-Boag, who lives in Gedney, set up Muddy Paws Dog Grooming after retraining throughout the lockdown.

Kerry, who worked at HM Whitemoor Prison in March until 2013 when she left prison to start a family, used her time during the pandemic to learn dog grooming techniques.

Kerry Hardy-Boag of Muddy Paws Dog Grooming with Barney Airedale.

She said: “I am a big animal lover and thought that during the lockdown I would try to learn to do some grooming – I finished my online college courses and also did some practical work, so I am ready to go.

“During confinement my dog ​​has always been by my side and what’s a better job than a job where you can work with animals?”

Kelly is hopeful that she can meet the needs of everyone, especially breeds that some may be a bit wary of.

She said: “I really wanted to groom myself for people who are just normal and average people looking for a normal cut rather than what they have at Crufts.

“I’m also passionate about getting rid of the stigma surrounding dogs like Staffies – they don’t ask you for anything and give you so much.

“I have a Staffie and I know people can be a bit reluctant to groom them.

“I am different in this regard because I will groom any type of dog, whether large or small.”

Along with her passion for making sure her services are all inclusive, Kelly is also dedicated to keeping dogs calm and happy on longer dates.

She said: “I know for some dogs they need to take some time to get used to, so I really don’t mind taking dogs that don’t even get done the first time they come in.

“They might need that first session just to get used to it and that’s great.

“I could also take longer than other groomers, but I think it should be a case of wavy tail coming in and wavy tail coming out as well.

“It really takes time and patience when it comes to grooming because when you start pushing the dog it’s when it starts to get irritated.

“I hope dog owners won’t mind it taking a little longer as long as they have a happy dog.”

Although Kerry is currently unable to open her business due to lockdown restrictions, she has already received many bookings from dog owners who are desperate to give their furry friends a facelift.

She hopes to be able to open on April 12.

Visit Muddy Paws Dog Grooming on Facebook for booking options and more information.



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