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‘Haute Dog’ brings competitive dog grooming to your screen



Several months ago, when my roommate and I got used to spending hours and hours together indoors, we both decided that our only solution to the boredom and general discomfort was to have a puppy. Unfortunately, we never ended up doing it, and now we’re moving. But at least HBO Max is giving us our needed dose of cute dogs with its new reality competition series High Dog, which pits professional dog groomers against each other to compete for the title of “Best In Show” (plus $ 10,000 and a first place rosette). Before its premiere this Thursday, High Dog just received its official trailer.

Hosted by Bodybuilders podcaster Matt Rogers and judged by A black lady sketch show designer Robin Thede and dog grooming expert Jess Rona, High Dog sounds like every dog ​​lover’s dream. Featuring dogs of all breeds big and small, the new competition series promises to show off the superior pet in a way you’ve never seen before. Whether crowned in tiaras or dyed in a neon rainbow leopard print (don’t tell PETA), these high-quality dogs are all cutting edge and clearly ready for their close-ups.

Like the long run Chopped or nominated for the Netflix Emmy Awards I have arrived!, each episode of High Dog has a hard reset, starting with three new dog groomers who will go head-to-head over two rounds, with an unlucky groomer being eliminated after each. Ultimately, the last groomer standing will be declared “Best In Show” – a fitting title for “turning their K-9s into K-10”. Judging by the trailer, we can expect puppy puns, lots of glitter, Matt Rogers in some really shiny suits, and… a doggy neckline?

Check out the trailer below. High Dog premieres on HBO Max this Thursday, September 24.



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