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HBO Max Dog Grooming Series Absolute Paw-fection



I know 2020 has been a year of completely unexpected surprises, but this one won’t make you cringe. Now there are a lot of things that I had no idea existed (like chicken grooming), but a little more mainstream than that is the world of competitive dog grooming. Yes, you read that right: HBO Max has a competitive dog grooming reality show. Welcome to the world of High Dog. If the rest of the remaining 2020s surprises are half as adorable as this, I can cope with the rest of the year.

Haute Dog on HBO Max is Absolutely Paw-fection (Images: HBO Max)

Now, maybe you haven’t tried the HBO Max kool-aide yet, and I don’t blame you – there are so many streaming services competing for your hard-earned pandemic unemployment dollars that it is. difficult to decide which ones to choose. But if you’re looking for quality content, there are six competitive dog grooming episodes that are too cute for cable TV.

Haute Dog on HBO Max is Absolutely Paw-fection
Haute Dog on HBO Max is Absolutely Paw-fection (Images: HBO Max)

The show brings together three canine groomers, most with several competitions and shows already under their belt, and offers them two challenges: a “Mystery Pet” challenge where the groomers are presented with the same breed of dog where they must groom their client according to the theme of the episode. It could mean turning a poodle into a Hollywood starlet or a Westie into a cowboy.

Haute Dog review: The HBO Max dog grooming series is an absolute paw
Haute Dog on HBO Max is Absolutely Paw-fection (Images: HBO Max)

The main challenge for groomers is where they can choose the dog (many of whom groom their own furry children) and the look within the theme of the episode. This could result in a classic fit, full furry 3D art design, or even a colorful pattern. Lisa Frank inspired makeover.

No matter which canine makeover you think you need to earn, they’re all adorable from head to tail and Haute Dog shows that all dogs can be hot, especially when in the hands of great groomers. HBO Max, please give us more competitive dog grooming shows!

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