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Here’s How Long America’s Most Popular Dog Breeds Normally Live – 24/7 Wall St.



Dogs are incredibly popular pets in the United States. Approximately 85 million American households own a pet, and more than 63 million of them have a dog. There are many factors that contribute to choosing the right breed for the home, including owners’ allergies as well as the dog’s exercise needs and life expectancy.

Saying goodbye to a dog is perhaps one of the saddest experiences of having a four-legged friend. Most dogs live around 10-12 years, with small breeds generally live longer than large breeds, and some reaching up to 16 years.

24/7 Tempo looked at data provided by the American Kennel Club, the nation’s purebred dog registry, to list the estimated life expectancies of the 25 most popular dogs in the United States. AKC currently recognizes 197 dogs races.

The lifespan of the 25 most popular dogs of 2020 in the United States ranges from seven to eighteen years, although the lifespans for most of the breeds on this list are between 10 and 15 years.

People usually have dogs when they are puppies because they are always a size that can be easily managed and are perhaps the most irresistible as puppies. But some seem to stay puppies longer than others due to their small size, even throughout their lives, with a similar temperament and playfulness. 20 dogs are the longest puppies.

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