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Here’s what to know about Six Senses Shaharut Resort in Israel


There’s a new kid in town, and they don’t want to be overlooked. As it should be, for the desert resort of Six Senses Shaharut is stunning, easily an oasis for weary travelers to Israel.

There are many beautiful places in the Holy Land that even non-pilgrims will enjoy visiting. Its most popular site is the ancient fortification of Masada. This UNESCO World Heritage Site once served as the palace of Herod the Great. The picturesque port city of Jaffa is another popular tourist destination, and there is the world famous Dead Sea.


There are many things to do in this country beyond a pilgrimage. On the one hand, it has many museums; in fact, it has the highest number of museums per capita in the world. Beaches abound too, thanks to the shores of Tel Aviv and Eilat. Historical sites are major attractions, while the country’s natural sites should not be missed. With such attractions, it’s no surprise that many celebrities visit Israel.

After exploring the wonders of the land, Six Senses Shaharut in the Negev desert will welcome travelers who need to rest up for another day of Israeli adventures. With the resort’s luxurious rooms and high-quality amenities, guests will have the relaxation they deserve.

Plan a visit to Six Senses Shaharut

It took 10 years before Six Senses Shaharut came to life and now serves customers who want to relax in a desert paradise. The Negev is the right place to disconnect and simply be with the breeze and the sun.

The resort is an all-season destination, so tourists can visit it at any time of the year. After all, there are plenty of things to do and try in Israel throughout the year, from festivals to excursions. However, the resort recommends guests book from April through November, when daytime and outdoor activities are most popular. Must-do activities during these months are overnight camel camping and dune walking with the Bedouins.

  • The hotel offers transfers from Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, and the journey takes 3.5 hours.
  • From Petra, in neighboring Jordan, the journey takes three hours.
  • Another option is a flight from Tel Aviv to Ramon International Airport. From there, the journey to the station takes 45 minutes. Helicopter flights are also available.

Israel has already dropped its COVID-19 testing and quarantine requirements for travelers, vaccinated and unvaccinated. With that, an Israeli adventure is already within reach.

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Accommodation Information at Six Senses Shaharut

The resort has 60 suites and villas, all with stunning views of sunrises and sunsets. With luxurious accommodations, guests are sure to have a good morning and a good night. Six Senses Suites can accommodate up to three people and feature a private outdoor terrace, where they can enjoy partial views of the Negev, Arava Valley, and Edom Mountains. The Panorama Suite, meanwhile, offers guests 180-degree views of the desert and valley.

Those who like to dive into the water to end their day should book the Hideaway Pool Suite. For spacious accommodation, guests can stay in the one- or two-bedroom Panoramic Pool Villa. What takes the cake, however, is the Private Reserve, a 6,930-square-foot accommodation where up to six people can enjoy the stunning views of the surroundings while splashing around in the pool. Wherever guests stay at Six Senses Shaharut, they will have a satisfying rest, thanks to the desert heat.

Amenities and services in Six Senses Shaharut

With such luxurious accommodations, the resort’s amenities and services are sure to be of high quality. In addition to the terrace and pool, the resort offers complimentary cookies, coffee/tea maker, drinking water, toiletries, smart TV with entertainment system, air conditioning, Bluetooth speaker, safe -safe, hair dryer, yoga mat, canes and hats, minibar and Wi-Fi. Everything for guest satisfaction, but who needs Wi-Fi when unplugged is the best way to enjoy the environment.

The resort has 24-hour staff service as well as an in-villa restaurant. Plenty of dining options await guests, however. For fine dining, Midian is there to serve breakfast and dinner. Edom View offers snacks, while Jamillah offers sumptuous bar food. There’s also a casual pool bar, and the Grab & Go is perfect for quick bites.

For a more relaxed stay in the desert, you can visit the spa. Open daily from 9 am to 8 pm, it has six treatment rooms, a presidential suite, saunas, hammams and Turkish baths. Guests can also get active in the indoor pool, outdoor lap pool, gym, and yoga studio. Spa services that can be availed include wellness screening, sleep tracking, and various treatments. Those who want to be pampered, meanwhile, can relax in the lounge. Another unique offering is a bar where customers can mix their drinks. All this means pure happiness.

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Activities in Six Senses Shaharut

The hotel is surrounded by beautiful scenery and comes with enriching activities like hiking, game drives, bird watching, workshops and wine tours. There’s something for everyone in the Negev, whether they want to bask in the sun or just have some sweet time.

Hikers can take the Red Canyon trails in the Eilat Mountains. With its natural canyons, hiking through this reddish destination will give tranquility to hikers. Besides the Dead Sea and Masada, guests can also take an excursion to the famous Petra in neighboring Jordan. It is a must visit, so tourists should not miss the opportunity to see this majestic archaeological marvel.

Cyclists are also thrilled, as they can take a 90-minute scenic ride through rock formations, desert, and Israel’s National Mountain Trail. Tourists can also take a 3.5-hour off-road 4×4 ride from a Mediterranean port in Gaza to Yemen.

Another must do in Israel is a camel trek. For 1.5 hours, tourists can explore the Negev with a hoofed friend, retracing a caravan journey along the Incense Route. After the tour, you can mingle with the camels at the resort’s stable.

During their stay in the desert, tourists should also not miss the opportunity to observe the stars. For three hours, guests armed with a telescope will be guided by an expert on their journey to the moon and beyond while enjoying herbal tea, wine, fruit and other tasty treats.

Tourists who want a gastronomic trip have to thank the chef who can prepare an organized meal for them. On top of that, they can visit Six Senses Shaharut’s Earth Lab, where they can learn about its sustainability efforts. Beyond the complex, you can visit Kibbutz Lotan for a 2.5-hour eco experience.

In Israel, a trip for the soul is what tourists usually do, and the resort encourages guests to do it too. Six Senses has rituals from guest arrival to departure, all focused on self-care, healing, and rejuvenation. Traveling has never been so enjoyable.

Israel is the perfect retreat, and with Six Senses Shaharut, any trip to this fascinating destination is made even more memorable.