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Here’s why you shouldn’t shave your puppy this summer



Dog grooming is important, but there is one thing you shouldn’t be doing in the summer

Dog grooming is something we take care of all year round, but in the summer it can seem especially important. It’s not only about keeping our puppies clean and healthy, but we also believe it’s a way to keep our dogs cool. However, there is at least one aspect of dog grooming that we might want to avoid during the heat of summer: shaving your dog’s fur.

While we might think that getting rid of all that thick fur would be a good way to cool down our dogs and prevent heatstroke, the reality is quite different. According to The Farmer’s Dog, shaving our dog’s fur can actually make him more susceptible to heatstroke and overheating.

While it might seem shocking to learn (if you didn’t already know), the reality is that our dog’s coat helps keep them both cool in the summer and warm in the winter. And when you shave their coat, you can actually damage the hair and leave it unprotected from the sun’s rays. This can mean not only heat stroke risk, but also expose them to sunburn.

Summer Grooming Doesn’t Mean Shaving Your Dog’s Coat

Some dogs have what is called a double coat and if you shave it it can actually damage their coat. These coats are designed to protect our furry friends, so the last thing we want to do is mess it up.

Unless your vet recommends shaving for health reasons or serious mating issues, ignore this aspect of dog grooming and opt for a light cut, deep brushing, and even a bath instead. Your dog’s natural molt will help keep him cool in the summer and this is the best way to help him avoid heat stroke.

In the summer, it’s important to take care of your puppy to make sure he doesn’t overheat and gets enough water. But we strongly recommend that you stay away from the razor and stick to scissors when needed.

Did you know that your puppy’s shaving can damage their coat? How can you help your dog avoid overheating? Tell us all about how to prevent heatstroke in the comments.



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