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Hidden Camera Captures Dog’s ‘Adorable’ Behavior as Owner Leaves Home


A dog owner who kept coming home to find his room a mess has filmed the culprit on all fours.

TikToker jpizzle_97 set up a GoPro after repeatedly finding clothes strewn around the room and his pillows messy.

Once the camera was installed, it became clear what had happened, with the footage suggesting the dogs genuinely miss their owners when they left.

In the video, which has been viewed 6.1 million times, TikToker’s dog Hank, a German Shepherd and Nova Scotia Retriever mix, can be seen exploring the bedroom, before climbing on the bed and look carefully out the window.

After seemingly bored with his new perspective, Hank decides to go snooping around his landlord’s closet. A few minutes later, he emerges with shorts, jumping delightedly on the bed with the garment.

With the shorts in his mouth, Hank walks over to the four pillows at the top of the bed. He then proceeds to snuggle up with the shorts, eventually falling asleep with them cuddled against his chest.

Research suggests that dogs really miss their human companions when they go out for the day. A 2011 study in Applied science of animal behavior demonstrated that even dogs with no history of separation anxiety would greet their owners with extra enthusiasm and be particularly attentive when they returned home after two hours or more.

For many people watching on social media, Hank’s behavior and the fact that he took an item of clothing from his owner to sniff, instead of a quilt, was proof that he wanted his mate. human.

“Awww they love having your scent,” Woah.Nellly wrote. “My dog ​​would steal socks.”

Muuullyyy agreed, writing, “He just missed his daddy!!” Babynayaaaaa posted, “These are her emotional support shorts.” Valarieem offered a similar theory: “They’re a comfort blanket.

Margarita Prasca noticed another detail in the clip, pointing out that Hank was apparently “sitting on the edge of the bed” waiting to make sure his owner “didn’t come back” before going wild.

Jocelyn Bacon offered an alternate theory for Hank’s behavior, saying a vet told her it was “a protective thing”. She added: “Your scent is on them so doggy is trying to protect you.”

Jac_of_diamonds, meanwhile, struggled to hold back tears. “It makes me want to cry!” they wrote. “They miss you so much and they love you. They want your scent and want to play.”

DaleLee thought it was the “sweetest thing” and Brenda Zendejas commented, “aww, how adorable.”

In a follow-up clip, Hank’s landlord attempted to prevent his antics by closing the closet door.

That did little to stop the determined dog, who duly opened the cupboard before lashing out again. Worse still, this time he put his paws on toilet paper.

Bring your dog to work the day can’t come soon enough for this pet owner. Newsweek contacted jpizzle_97 for comment.

Image of a dog lying on its owner’s bed.