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I’m a dog groomer – here are the 10 best dog breeds to own if you like a tidy home


A dog groomer has revealed the ten best dog breeds to own if you like a tidy home or have allergies.

Professional groomer Stephanie Zikmann told the Scottish Sun that if dogs deserve to be dogs and their functional characteristics are respected, it’s important that families choose the right breed for their lifestyle.


Stephanie is a professional groomer from KilmarnockCredit: SUPPLIED
The hard-working mother is also the best-selling author of


The hard-working mom is also the best-selling author of “The Magic of Holistic Grooming.”Credit: SUPPLIED

“Of course, cleaning becomes much more intensive when you decide
welcoming a dog into the house, but I believe the benefits far outweigh
the downsides,” she exclusively told the Scottish Sun.

The 30-year-old, from Kilmarnock, added: “We should never compromise what it takes to meet the needs of our dogs, in the interests of a spotless home, so when it comes to choosing the right dog for your family, there are things you can consider that will reduce the amount of cleaning needed, including choosing a breed that fits your lifestyle.”

Stéphanie, who is also an internationally recognized certified
The canine behaviorist and best-selling author of Amazon’s best-selling book, “The Magic of Holistic Grooming,” shared ten specific breeds that would be best suited for a proud pet sitter.

For those looking to avoid having a dog that sheds a lot of fur, or families looking for the best “hypoallergenic” puppies, Stephanie recommends a Poodle or a Bichon Frize.

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But despite not losing, Stephanie warned that they needed some extra work in the grooming department.

“The poodle’s coat is waterproof, curly and does not shed. Although this
is good news for home, it may take relatively long time
and less than ideal for a busy family home since the coat
requires daily grooming to prevent matting and skin conditions.

“While the poodle does little damage in the house, a prospect
the family should ensure that they have enough time to
commit to grooming and exercise routines to stave off boredom
and the onset of disruptive or anxious behaviors.

“Like the poodle, the Bichon Frise does not lose hair around the
house and will require regular grooming to avoid tangles and
mats to grow.

“Due to their wool-like coat, they tend to trap dirt and other particles on their daily adventures, which can cause problems if not eliminated.

“The wool-like coat is also a moisture trap, which means they can develop hot spots if not dried properly after a walk in the rain. ‘They don’t seem clean for long either, so regular baths can be helpful. The Bichon is a good family dog ​​and appeals to children for his size and endearing nature.’

While Stephanie also highlights eight other dog breeds that are also ideal because they have dirt resistant coats and low coat maintenance.

Stephanie revealed that the Affenpinscher is a “perfect” pup for families looking to welcome a small dog into their lives.

She said: “As a minimal, dirt-resistant coat type, this little monkey-faced terrier is full of character with a spunky personality that would best suit those looking for a dog full of mischief and fun.”

And a Border Terrier requires little grooming as they have a waterproof coat that will rarely need bathing.

Stephanie explains, “The Border Terrier wire waterproof top coat sits on a soft undercoat that will require hand stripping approximately every 6 months.

“It makes him relatively clean around the house since his coat
seldom paid. It is small in size and takes up little space
home making it ideal for apartment living as well as,
bigger houses.

“They are easy to clean thanks to their waterproof coat and will only very rarely need bathing. When muddy the coat can be left to dry before brushing. If they ever need a bath, they can be bathed in a sink or human bath. bath at home with little effort – remember to introduce him to the bath in a positive way using lots of tasty treats!”

She revealed the best dog breeds for a tidy home


She revealed the best dog breeds for a tidy homeCredit: SUPPLIED

She added that: “Notoriously quiet, the Basenji is an adaptable breed that also sheds very little throughout the year. Plus, they tend to have a dirt-resistant coat, which means they don’t smell like their cousins ​​either!

Stephanie also explained that the “fun and loving” Staffordshire Bull Terrier is also a good choice for those who want a mess-free home.

She said: “Despite its reputation for prejudice, the Staff makes an excellent family dog ​​with a particular fondness for children when well socialized. The Staffordshire Bull Terrier’s coat is short and smooth, which minimizes the demands on grooming.”

While smooth coated dachshunds shed little and only need an occasional bristle brush.

“Their size makes them very adaptable to any living environment, and their small legs allow them to exercise less as long as they are mentally enriched with treat-hunting games in a secure back garden.

“They can be greedy dogs and prone to weight gain, so it’s important to monitor this to ensure they maintain a healthy weight that supports their extended backs.”

While the “intelligent, friendly and loyal” Doberman also ticks that box for proud homeowners.

Stephanie said: “Their coat requires minimal grooming although it sheds lightly throughout the year. It’s easy to keep clean as their coat tends to be dirt resistant with minimal odor.”

She also explained how the Chinese Crested “is notoriously known for having little hair, making it the perfect companion for a family with little time to brush the long coats.

“That being said, this breed does require daily skin maintenance to prevent skin infections. Therefore, it may not be suitable for a busy family lifestyle.”

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And the “fun and energetic” Greyhound is another good option for those looking to avoid a stinky dog.

Stephanie said: “They are nimble and adaptable, making them suitable for apartment living as well as larger properties.

“A Greyhound’s coat is short and smooth which makes grooming requirements minimal and they also have a dirt resistant coat which makes them relatively odorless although they shed lightly all year round.

“The Whippet may, however, have an instinctive prey,
it is therefore crucial that those considering hosting one
home make sure they invest in a positive, non-strength trainer
to help with socialization and training.

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