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I’m a dog groomer – here are the best dog breeds for families, and they don’t shed


A DOG groomer has revealed the best types of dog breeds for those with families — and they’re not losing.

Professional groomer Stephanie Zikmann told the Scottish Sun that it’s important for families to choose the breed that suits their lifestyle.


Stephanie is a professional groomer from Kilmarnock
The hard-working mother is also the best-selling author of


The hard-working mom is also the best-selling author of “The Magic of Holistic Grooming.”
She explains how some dogs aren't suitable for families, like a poodle


She explains how some dogs aren’t suitable for families, like a poodle

“Of course, cleaning becomes much more intensive when you decide
welcoming a dog into the house, but I believe the benefits far outweigh
the downsides,” she exclusively told the Scottish Sun.

The 30-year-old, from Kilmarnock, added: “We should never compromise what it takes to meet the needs of our dogs, in the interests of a spotless home, so when it comes to choosing the right dog for your family, there are things you can consider that will reduce the amount of cleaning needed, including choosing a breed that fits your lifestyle.”

Stéphanie, who is also an internationally recognized certified
The canine behaviorist and bestselling author of Amazon’s bestseller, “The Magic of Holistic Grooming,” shared some of the breeds that would be great for families.

Stephanie recommends the “incredibly smart” Poodles because they are “very trainable” and “make little mess”.

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She said: “Poodles require physical and mental enrichment, making them the perfect candidate for active families looking to go on an adventure.

“Although the poodle does little damage to the home, a future family should ensure they have enough time to engage in grooming and exercise routines to avoid boredom and stress. onset of disruptive or anxious behavior.”

Stephanie added that the Bichon Frize is also ideal for the family due to its size and nature.

She told the Scottish Sun: “The Bichon is a good family dog ​​and appeals to children for its size and lovable nature.

“He would suit apartment living but would also appreciate
access to a secure garden if possible.”

While the little Affenpinscher would suit a fun family – and they are also a minimal shedder.

She explained: “As a minimal, dirt-resistant coat type, this little monkey-faced terrier may be perfect for a family looking to
welcome a small dog into their lives.

“These breeds are full of character with a spunky personality that would suit those looking for a dog full of mischief and fun.”

The Basenji is also a good choice for a family – especially in a building-
in rural areas because they are quiet and do not smell good.

However, they need daily exercise and mental stimulation to
entertain them.

Stephanie explains, “These beautiful little dogs are perfect for families living in built-up rural areas who need a less vocal dog.

“Notoriously quiet, the Basenji is an adaptable breed that also sheds very little throughout the year. Plus, they tend to have a dirt-resistant coat, which means they don’t smell like their cousins ​​either!

Despite its reputation for prejudice, Stephanie explains that the Staffordshire Bull Terrier is perfect for families because of its “fun and loving personality”.

She says: “The Staff is an excellent family dog ​​with a particular penchant for
children when they are well socialized.

“They are instinctive prey animals, but with the right positive-focused trainer they will become a pleasant animal and
calm dog.

“They are active and love adventures, so a family that enjoys the outdoors would allow this breed to excel.”

The Doberman is also a good choice for a family because of its loyalty.

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Stephanie explains, “Dobermans are intelligent and friendly breeds that are suitable for families looking for an active and loyal breed.

“Although they need lots of exercise and mental stimulation, a dedicated and loving family will help this breed really thrive.”

The Basenji is also a good choice for a family


The Basenji is also a good choice for a familyCredit: Getty – Contributor
The Staffordshire bull terrier is also suitable for families


The Staffordshire bull terrier is also suitable for familiesCredit: Getty

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