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Ime Udoka calling Marcus Smart a foundational piece tingles my senses Spidey

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In her introductory press conference, Ime Udoka said all the right things. As we all know, introductory pressers are the # 1 time flattering the fan base is at its highest level. Everything he said in that short press was exactly what we want to hear. He even told Brad Stevens that his offense last year was shit in the face.

One thing he hasn’t mentioned is Marcus Smart. He kept everything on Day 1 on Tatum and Brown for the most part. Well here we are this morning and he calls Marcus Smart a fundamental piece. What a time to live. Part of me loves that Odoka said this because I think people go a little too far when it comes to hate Smart. Just like some did with Hayward and Kemba. This idea that he sucks or pulls too much or that he doesn’t know his role is a pretty old tale. At the same time, it is not perfect, it has flaws. It’s somewhere in the middle. People are going to freak out that it is called “a fundamental piece” and I think outrage is what I love the most. It’s almost like Udoka is trolling to some extent, which I find funny. Nothing turns people on than calling Marcus Smart and Boston Celtics important player.

It’s no surprise that Ime said this when you think about who he was as a player and what kind of coach he seems to be. Guy loves defense and that doggy mentality. That’s pretty much who Marcus Smart is.

I’m interested to see what kind of impact it can have on Smart, so I think everyone needs to catch their breath.

At the same time, my Spidey senses are working full blast when I hear this. As we all should know by now, the future of Marcus Smart is a big topic for this team moving forward. Brad needs to find a way to make Marcus as friendly as possible for an extension if he wants to be a part of their future. How are you doing that? You butter her ass. You make him feel like he’s an important part and to build a title team they need him at a good price to move forward.

This is important for several reasons. For starters, if they feel it’s part of their future, they have it at a reasonable salary. Otherwise, they now have a good midsize contract to use in a potential upcoming deal if it comes up. Brad needs to find ways to stay flexible and be able to improve his roster without swapping Brown / Tatum’s roster. To do this, you need good, medium-sized contracts. It’s just the reality.

It’s a pretty big season for Smart all things considered. He is now the full time playmaker. They need him to stay in his first pass / defense mentality that brings out the best in him and the players around him. You won’t get that if he’s unhappy or worried about his position on this team. You can be a centerpiece while still being an actor. It is something that exists. There are many parts to a foundation. Ime didn’t say he was untouchable, just that he was important. It’s true. The quality of play they get from Smart is very important to their success. Last year we saw a bit of regression on the defensive side and guess what? The Celts had their worst defensive season in coach Brad Stevens’ era. It’s also not surprising that when the Celts are at their best, they get the best version of Smart.

Now let’s wait and see what Brad does. The last time we were in this position, we saw Smart decline the early extension and test the market, only to find that its value was not as high as its agent originally thought. I think there are some potential suitors who could be a threat if it hits the market next summer (Dallas) so either Brad has to extend it or you have to trade it now before losing it for nothing. . From the way Ime Udoka was talking about him, it looks like he wants to see what he has with Smart to move forward.

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