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Mathcore Merchants Inspired by Twilight Zone SERLING Crush the Senses with “The Silence”


blurred area as a show remains a cultural phenomenon and is one of the most influential and important shows in science fiction history. As a TV show, creator/host Rod Serling was instrumental in shaping the landscape of science fiction and addressing current socio-political issues at the time, including race relations and gender roles. And if you have already experienced this masterpiece of a television series, you are invited to experience it in another way: through the band’s music Serling.

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Named after the blurred area series creator, Serling is a two-person drum/bass mathcore unit from Maine. Serling draws inspiration from the heavier side of mathcore in the vein of bands like Mouth respiratorand sleep sculptor with a side djenty ala frontier. Serling is set to release a new album titled Next stop Willoughby and here we are with the new single called “The Silence”.

“The Silence” is a heavy and atmospheric ballad that sounds titanic. Every second of the track feels like it is looming and pressing on the listener’s chest. Panic chords are played slowly, increasing anxiety. Like it should be. And although the track can be expected to turn into some kind of explosive monster, Serling stay in control of their slow wrecking ball beast. It’s a very djenty piece that bathes in a horrifying atmosphere.

“The Silence, like all of our tracks, focuses lyrically on the events of the particular blurred area episode of which it bears the name. Initially, this track was considered an instrument in order to play the name of the song. Telling the tragic story of Tennyson, the main character, was necessary after considering how amazing the ending of this episode was.”

As the phrasing on Metal Twitter goes, it fucks. “The Silence” is a heavy, heavy track that sounds deeply paranoid and mentally fractured. And that’s just a taste of what’s to come Next stop Willoughby and will be published by Been There Scene That and Illuminate My Heart. Check it here.

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