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New dog grooming business opens in Fairfield



Furry Tails, which also grooms cats, offers a full grooming service between $ 35 and $ 65, with the price varying depending on size and breed. It includes a bath, haircut, nail trimming and ear cleaning.

A “bath and brush” option costs $ 25 to $ 35 and includes bathing, brushing, nail trimming and ear cleaning.

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Additional services include nail grinding, oatmeal shampoo, moulting treatment, and tooth brushing. A special “Spaw” package including enhanced shampoo and conditioner for nail grinding and tooth brushing. All add-ons can be added to any grooming package.

Furry Tails Pet Grooming will be one of the few salons in Butler County to also offer two self-service dog washing stations with water, shampoo, towels and dryer included, according to Kelly, who started out as a veterinary technician, then was a groomer for 10 years, including three working from home when starting the business.

“I started with PetSmart as a dog bather and worked my way up to a salon manager,” she said. “I ended up moving over there to work for local boarding schools and grooming salons, and one day I decided to do my own thing.”

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The Furry Tails Pet Grooming logo is that of Kelly’s pet Rottweiler, Rocky, who died in 2017 at the age of 12.

“I got that right when I was 18 when I was still living in Washington state, where I’m from,” Kelly said. “I left home and he was my traveling companion all over the country. We came here and found our new home about 10 years ago.

Furry Tails Pet Grooming is recruiting. For more information, call 513-292-2048 or visit www.facebook.com/from.furry.to.finished.