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New dog grooming salon opens in Workington



A new dog groomer will soon open in the heart of a bustling city center.

The dog grooming salon is called Cutie Paws, and it is due to open in Workington, and has been described by its owner as an exciting new business.

Jesse Hall is opening Cutie Paws, a salon with a self-service facility where dog owners can book or enter and use specialized grooming facilities.

Jesse said: “Doggies can choose from a separate menu which shampoos and treatments they would like to try.

“They can use the specialized baths and drying equipment under the supervision of owner Jesse.

“The shop is very colorful and welcoming to the dog community and is a whole new concept for the region.

“We have a grand opening on November 13 at 15 Oxford Street in Workington.

“People can come and see how it all works and book their dog pampering day.”

According to the information found on Pets4Home, the response to how often you need to have your dog groomed greatly depends on the breed, their health, and their activity level. for the others.

For more information on Cutie Paws, call Jesse on 07593500923.



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