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Not too “shabby” dog grooming


Rick Bannan/rick@thereflector.com

An expert in the art of a well-groomed dog is back in Woodland as the management of Shabby Dog Salon has changed hands.

The Salon, which has been open for about a year, recently became the property of Lori Horsley, a groomer with over 35 years of experience.

Originally, Shabby Dog was run by Horsley’s daughter, Kirby Lewellyn, who started there just over a year ago. As for how she came to lead the spot, Horsley explained that her daughter wanted a career change and since Horsley had already groomed from time to time on location, it made sense to take the reins.

Horsley has been running the operation for about a month now, having started in early September.

“Once I started doing it, (I realized) I missed it,” Horsley remarked.

Going back to the business, Horsley says she has the ability to take things a little slower than in her past ventures, being able to tailor visits to the dogs and taking the time needed for each dog to be at comfortable. with the process.

“I’m in no rush to do their dogs,” Horsley said. “Especially older dogs, they need a break. They can’t spend two hours in a row getting treatment.

In some instances, Horsley’s own dog, Havana, a six-year-old standard poodle, helped ensure the dogs were calm, putting her paws on the table and soothing the disgruntled customer.

Although often groomed dogs would love nothing better than to get off the table, Horsley said the nips and wiggles are to be expected and she manages to roll with what they throw at her – in her memory, there was only one dog she couldn’t wed.

“Unlike a human, a dog doesn’t do anything out of spite,” Horsley said, explaining that the dog’s behavior was easier to understand and manage.

Over the years, a few misconceptions about the necessity and process of grooming have arisen. Although her Hound Havana has a low-shedding coat that requires heavy grooming, dogs with dual coats like a German Shepherd or Labrador Retriever shouldn’t be over-groomed, such as by shaving. Double coated dogs usually shed efficiently and shaving can end up making them hotter than desired.

Another thing she noticed is dog owners wanting to be present during the whole process. Horsley said it works best if the handler is away because attention isn’t diverted and the groomer can get to work.

“Most of the time if the owners are here the dogs act much worse; they get anxious and jump up,” Horsley said.

This premium on a soothing atmosphere – further enhanced by the organic, “shabby” feeling of the small store – was one of the ways Horsley does it best, a fact she is convinced it does.

“It’s nice when the dogs are happy and comfortable,” remarked Horsley.