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Reasons behind the dog’s strange behavior



It’s our natural tendency to project our human traits and emotions onto dogs, until you see your dog rolling around in the mud. You can’t explain it, but these canine experts can.

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Why are they “running” in their sleep?

As you might have guessed, this usually means that they are dreaming, and luckily, it usually doesn’t have any medical significance, says Gary Richter, DVM, integrating veterinarian and veterinary health expert at Rover.com. What is interesting is that studies found that some dog breeds played out their characteristic traits while dreaming, such as an English Springer Spaniel hunting down prey or a pointer “pointing” in its sleep. If all that “rushing” during sleep seems excessive, Dr. Richter says it could indicate underlying stress or a health problem. Dogs who sleep too much can also be a sign of illness – find out how long dogs usually sleep.

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Why are they barking at the window?

Every day the postman delivers the mail, your dog barks. Does this dog behavior just mean that dogs hate mailman? “Barking at people outside is protective behavior. Dogs see their home as their territory and anyone approaching or approaching their territory is a potential threat, so they bark to ward off the intruder, ”says Dr. Richter. Plus, every time the letter carrier delivers mail, your dog barks and the letter carrier leaves. It creates a pattern that is reinforced over and over again. “From the dog’s point of view, they save the house from the invasion every day by chasing the invader. We never appreciate their efforts, ”says Dr Richter. Just as dogs actually have a justification for barking at the mailman, there is a reason behind each of your puppy’s facial expressions.



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