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Russian-Ukrainian War: MEP called ’embarrassment’ after urging West to ‘come to their senses’ | World | New


Left-wing party MEP Clare Daly told the European Parliament this week that the West’s response to the war in the east has been “hysterical”, insisting that too many people are “happy to see the ‘Europe redesigned to undermine Russia’. She pointed out that the war has been a “godsend” for groups in Europe and the United States, including NATO which “avoided becoming obsolete” and arms manufacturers who are swimming in “cheques in white “.

Ms Daly argued that Ukraine could only lose the war and stressed: “We don’t need more of this madness, we need a change of tact, not deepen it.

“We need to end this debt. We need diplomacy, de-escalation and multilateralism.

It won few allies opposing the strengthening of Ukraine’s defensive capabilities against Russia.

SNP adviser Ruairi Kelly added that the MEP was “a national embarrassment”.

Some Western officials, however, have noted their thirst for extending the current situation in order to punish Vladimir Putin and prevent him from acting in the same way again.

A senior British diplomat told The Viewer editor Fraser Nelson, writing in the Telegraph: “If you look at all the options, our strategic interest is probably best served in a long war.

They added that it could be seen as “a quagmire that drains [Putin] militarily and economically so that he cannot start again”.

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He wrote in the Guardian: “Russia’s progress may be slowed down, but they are highly unlikely to be stopped, much less expelled from Ukraine, and in the meantime mass destruction and hideous war crimes will continue…

“The important thing is to talk rather than fight.”

Mr Roxburgh also noted that many Westerners “cannot bring themselves to address these issues” of peace, given that they would appear to be “rewarding Putin”, and would instead leave Ukraine to fight “in the hope of defeating the Russia”.

French President Emmanuel Macron, who appears to have spoken to Putin more than any other Western leader before and since the launch of the invasion, has drawn widespread criticism for this fact, even being called a ‘Putin puppet’ by some. .

Earlier this month, Macron urged the West not to “humiliate” Putin, “so that the day the fighting stops, we can build a diplomatic way out.”

Ukrainian foreign affairs minimizer Dmytro Kuleba replied that the West should “focus better on how to put Russia in its place” as it “humbles itself”.

Express.co.uk has contacted Ms Daly for comment.